Eastspring: Sitefinity CMS for Asset Management Company  

Eastspring: Sitefinity CMS for Asset Management Company  

Eastspring: Sitefinity CMS for Asset Management Company  

The Overview :

Eastspring Investments, part of Prudential plc is a global asset manager that is invested in giving our clients innovative, cutting-edge and sustainable investment solutions with Asia at its core. with operations in 14 markets (including Europe and United States).

Our client invested in making the best investment decisions by incorporating ESG factors into our investment process. We are invested in the communities where we live and work. We are aligned with several global sustainability initiatives and collaborate with industry stakeholders to work towards a more sustainable world.

The Challenges :

  • Client uses Sitefinity CMS engine for their corporate portal and country-based portals. The hosting environment support firewall, vulnerability management and DR solution. Also, it should support high availability for their database servers.
  • The Previous environment was hosted on Datacenter.

Our Solution:

The Azure environment configured in two regions (Southeast Asia and East Asia) to support DR solution and high availability through Traffic Manager.

  • The webservers are configured under internal load balancer and configure with web application firewall security policies with separate network resource group. File server also place in Webserver network resource group.
  • Created SQL Fail over cluster (Active-Passive) within the region under separate network resource group and open SQL ports only to Web server network resource group.
  • Created Jump Server and Development server under same region with individual network resource group. Access Jump Server from Web Synergies Office through Point-to-Site VPN configuration.

HA Configuration :

  • Web Server and File server are in schedule sync in both regions through VPN Gateway.
  • Traffic Manager configured to changeover during application patches update and HA of websites .

The Results

The total solution built in 40 days and testing done by users for another 20 days on ASP.NET & Sitefinity CMS applications functionality, File Server access through Windows Scheduler has been configured to publish documents on CMS.

  • Environment Access restricted to Jump Server and security increased.
  • Qualys Vulnerability Assessment has been completed on all servers and integration configured without any issues.
  • Azure VPN Gateway services minimized the data traffic cost with given solution compared to previous environment.
  • DR Solution working fine through Traffic Manager DNS priority configuration.
  • SQL server high availability configuration through Active-Passive clustering services has been running without any issues.
  • Client able to access their country-based portals without any data interruption.
  • Client able to use this environment for multi countries websites without any other hosting requirements.
  • Client easily publishing their documents on CMS through File server schedulers without losing data.
  • The environment is protected with Firewall and Qualys vulnerability controls and backup placed for application and databases using Azure backup services.
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