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New Revolution of the Japanese Transportation & Logistics – AI, Machine Learning

September 23, 2021 11:30 PM

Client :

Our client is a global shipping and freight forwarding organization enabling their customers to penetrate global markets with high-quality and professional cross-border services through logistics, air freight, and ocean freight. They also have customs brokerage, international relocations, e-commerce, and international parcel delivery.

The Challenge:

  • The shipping and logistics company lacked a single platform for all its diverse operations. No digital solution existed, there were several manual inputs, and the operational workload became too large to manage efficiently. The buyers were expecting faster deliveries with multiple channel management.
  • There was a lack of visibility, accountability, compliance, quality checks, and no collaborative platform for reviews and chat.

The Solution:

A holistic B2B supply chain and packaging solution platform, which connects suppliers and customers using the latest innovative technology, was implemented by our team, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and chatbot integration. Our solution was implemented for this sizeable Japanese client, cutting across APAC and Japan. The primary objective of our solution was to reduce the manual input workload, and increase supply chain visibility and operational efficiency, improve data accuracy, thus providing timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Business Value Added

  • Our team implemented a business solution, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and chatbot integration, which increased operational efficiency by 50%, reduced manual input workload by 70%, and data accuracy and uptime by 80%.
  • Information searching became easier, reduced the number of processes and cycle time, and increased accuracy and visibility with the dashboard reporting & analytics.

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