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Streamlining insurance quote generation for Cove Hill Consulting LLC

June 29, 2020 11:30 PM

The problem: Generating a quote is a primary and mandatory task for any health insurance / insurance firm. But although insurance portals mention a direct quotation on their websites, this quote is not customized or tailored to a specific customer's needs. Cove Hill Consulting LLC was looking to automate the process of quote generation to improve efficiency and accuracy.

The Solution: To solve this issue, and expedite the task of customized quote generation, we have delivered a robot to Cove Hill Consulting LLC, which helps in tailoring the quote as per customer information, using this feature in their insurance portal.

How the robot works:

  • Logs into the Insurance portal.
  • Enters the customer information (habits, age, gender and any other significant information that can affect the quote) into the insurance portal.
  • Generates the quote and downloads the spreadsheet copy that consists of various applicable plans.
  • Sends the quotation via email to the end user for whom the quote is generated.

Technologies used: mysql.jpg uipath.jpg

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