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Simplifying & Streamlining Reporting Systems Using Microsoft Power BI for Oil & Gas Industry

September 23, 2021 11:30 PM

Client :

Our client is Malaysia’s fully integrated oil and gas company, using latest technologies to explore, produce, and deliver energy to meet the world’s needs.

The Challenge:

Our client wanted a customized reporting system for the stakeholders and management team to access data for HSE, Finance, HR, and Operation departments.

The Solution

  • Our team implemented the development of a Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) solution with SQL Server as backend and Integration Services as data transformation layer.
  • Power BI dashboard & data analytics reporting implementation was done for both the refinery and the petrochemical corporation.
  • The scope covers the business performance reporting for HSE, Finance, HR, and Operation.

We implemented reporting for the following KPIs

  • Management – 200+ KPIs
  • HSE - 60+ KPIs
  • Finance - 50+ KPIs
  • HR - 15 KPIs
  • Operation - 20 KPIs

Business Value Added:

  • Our integration team streamlined the shareholder dashboards. Enabled the management of daily reports - energy management, mass balance, asset performance, and PI AF with the help of Power BI.

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