Application implementation for Logistics company Application implementation for Shipping industry

Shipping Company reduces manual workload by 70%, increases data accuracy by 50%

January 31, 2020 11:30 PM

The Problem: One of the largest shipping line in terms of container vessel capacity. The large size of organization and network of agents spread over multiple locations made it difficult to manually consolidate booking data from network of agents, leading to productivity issues.

The Solution: Application implementation across Far East Asia network of offices and agents. The implementation was carried out across 11 countries covering approximately 200 users. The objective was to reduce manual input workload, reduce liner manager’s manual workload and improve data accuracy.

The Impact:

  • Information searching became easier.
  • Booking data was automated via excel importing.
  • Allocation bookings done through Rule based engine.
  • Reduced number of processes and cycle time.
  • High level of accuracy and visibility.
  • Dashboard reporting & analytics.

Technologies used: microsoft azure sql bootstarp jquery webapi cordova

Business Outcomes: Manual input workload down by 70% Liner manager’s manual workload allocation down by 50% Data accuracy and timeliness up by 50%

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