ERP on cloud for Anjalee Granites ERP solution implementation

Reduced MIS reporting time for Anjalee Granites with better serial number tracking

January 31, 2020 11:30 PM

About the client: Anjalee Granite is in the business of retail granite production. They strive to bring elegance to every home through production units, maintaining very strict standards of quality and workmanship.

Client Requirement: Being in the business of manufacturing, the client wanted better tracking of their products using serial numbers. Also they wanted to seamlessly integrate their operations.

The Solution: The iSuite ERP a cloud enabled and comprehensive platform is considered to address the needs of Anjalee granites. The ERP system was seamlessly integrated into their operations which allowed them better tracking.

Technologies used: angular azure sql azure corenet

Results: The client achieved faster and easier tracking of serial numbers. They also reduced their MIS preparation/reporting time.

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