ERP solution for Big Apple Life Web Synergies ERP solution for Big Apple Life

Big Apple Life achieves better tracking of serial numbers with iSuite ERP

January 31, 2020 11:30 PM

About the client: Big Apple is India's leading company for electrical Products & Peripherals, since 24 years. Big Apple Life is involved in the manufacturing and trading of electrical bulbs and tubes.

Client Challenge: Being in the business of manufacturing, the client wanted better tracking of their products using serial numbers. Also they wanted to seamlessly integrate their operations.

The Solution: The iSuite ERP a cloud enabled and comprehensive platform is considered to address the needs of Big Apple.. The ERP system was seamlessly integrated into their operations which allowed them better tracking.

Technologies used: angular azure sql azure corenet

Results: The client achieved faster and easier tracking of serial numbers. They also reduced their MIS preparation/reporting time.

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