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October 31, 2012 05:30 PM

A Matter Of Time – How A Good Time Management System Can Benefit Your Enterprise

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“A stitch in time” is a very old adage first appearing in print in 1732 and  refers to fixing a tear in a piece of material; acting before the hole got any bigger and required more stitching.  In business parlance, putting in place remedial measures early before problems develop further.

The principles of Time Management are not new either but they are an increasing challenge in today’s fast paced business environment. As Derek Dean and Caroline Webb from McKinsey noted in a 2011 article, always-on, multitasking work environments are killing productivity, dampening creativity, and making us unhappy.

Peter Drucker‘s classic, The Effective Executive, was first published in 1967 and notes “most of the tasks of the executive require, for minimum effectiveness, a fairly large quantum of time.”

So effectively managing your own and your employees time is vitally important if you and they are to significantly contribute to the health and development of your organisation.  The answer is to invest wisely in a  good Time Sheet Management system which assists and enables your most valuable asset, your staff.

Where can I find a good system that does this?

Web Synergies Online Timesheet Management System provides all the answers; it is quick to set up and  fast & easy to use, irrespective of your teams size.

Being web- based our Online Timesheet Management System (OTMS) lets you track the numbers of hours your team work on a project, either through the Internet or your company intranet.

Here is a snapshot of system’s features

Online timesheets have the ability to interface with a your payroll applications  eliminating duplicate data entries and reducing payroll errors. Employees enter their time online and from any location.  Our OTMS will calculate hours worked, project overtime and other compliance factors such as paid time off.  With this information you can effectively cost your projects and provide  job estimates, with the added bonus of  client billing, payroll and general task management.

The advantages of tracking time are many and varied and all positively impact upon your bottom line. Payroll processing becomes more efficient and  costs are more visible so you can become more competitive in the market. Automating billing & invoicing also increases your revenue stream. Here’s some of what you get and be sure to have a look through the online brochure below as well, as it is more detailed:

  • Unlimited management of your clients, tasks and team members
  • Automatic timesheet creation
  • Import/export capability for individual time recording
  • Summary reports of all hours spent, by client and task
  • Analysis of charges, costs and simple profit
  • Password protection for rates and reports
  • The creation of an instant archive
  • No knowledge of Excel formula is required
  • An online step-by-step guide
  • Easy worksheet layouts with marked areas and drop-down choices
  • Most importantly, a system that is customised to your business requirement.

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What to do next

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Foot Note:

The Rolling Stones may have recorded the fact that “Time’s on My Side” but to make it truly so, and for the betterment of your business, all you have to do is get in touch with us at Web Synergies. Now that’s timely advice.

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