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February 07, 2013 05:30 PM

Mobile Device Uptake Doesn’t Mean They Read What You Send Them

Here’s an interesting thought – don’t assume that because nearly everyone has, or uses, a mobile device that your email has a greater pick-up rate.

Even the prediction that 45% of the smartphones shipped in the year 2014 will be priced below $200 doesn’t necessarily equate to email being opened.

According to a quick survey undertaken by Marketing Sherpa, only 2% of marketers find mass adoption of mobile email interaction amongst their customers.

Worryingly, a third of respondents didn’t know whether they clicked through on email offers or not?!


However, you have a better chance of having it read if you adhere to the principles of responsive web design

GraphicMail’s Nicholas Eckert, in a PR Web article, says “As email readership continues its migration towards mobile devices, responsive design becomes even more important to mobile and email marketers”.

Web Synergies specialises in mobile device apps development and responsive web design.  Our team can also advise you on several email options.

Irrespective of the technology,  it is what your email contains that makes people want to open it and read it.

Overt sales-pitches will be left unopened; refocus your communications so that they become education-based emails.  If you give recipients something they actually want to read and learn about that you will succeed.  If you don’t, the result will be immediately obvious.

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