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July 01, 2013 02:30 PM

Cricket, Caroms & Careers

This is the second in our series that introduces you to some of our staff who you may know by name, but have not yet met. They are members of our team who make a valuable contribution to our company and also lead active and busy lives outside of work hours.

For some, five years may seem to be a long time to remain with one company. But if you are working for a company that values your contribution and rewards you for what to do, then time is immaterial.

We have several such employees in our team, many of whom have worked for us for more than a decade. We have asked five of those who have recently completed five years with us, what motivated them and what interests they had to achieve a work/life balance?

Sai Kudaravalli (Design Lead)

sai 300x225

Finding an occupation that was not boring was firmly in the mind of Sai Kudaravalli when he was deciding on a career path.

With a creative bent, he was looking for a job that suited his gregarious personality and provided variety and challenges. Becoming a designer seemed an obvious choice.

As a ‘people person’ he enjoys mixing with others and joining Web Synergies as a senior user interface (UI) designer has given him plenty of opportunities to do so.

He has just celebrated his 5th year as part of the Web Synergies family and now leads a small team of designers who work on the many and varied projects that the company undertakes. Sai believes that the company has given him plenty of scope to develop professionally in the area of web design.

WS: What are your hobbies and interests outside of work hours?

Sai: I play volley ball, caroms (a game similar to billiards) and swim during my leisure time. Trekking is one of my favorite pastimes and I enjoy travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people. My favorite holiday destination would have to be Munnar; a visually beautiful hill that is 1600 metres above sea level. I love its valleys, fresh air and the wild life sanctuary.

WS: Tell me about your most rewarding experience since you joined the company?

Sai: Our company Vice President assigned me a crucial project that was a turning point in my career. A prestigious project across seven countries, for the multinational Fujifilm, presented me with many challenges during which I learnt how to cope with the project process. I delivered this project within the deadline and the client was very happy with my performance. I really felt rewarded and satisfied when my superiors acknowledged my MNC project efforts.

Mohd Ateeq Pasha (Team Lead .Net)

ateeq 242x300

Ateeq is a creative thinker who is always on the hunt for alternative solutions to problems. He keeps an open mind about what will work best for clients.

Having a passion about his vocation is what he keeps him going, and supporting family and friends is also a high priority.

As with the others profiled in this post, Ateeq has worked with Web Synergies for the past five years. Prior to this he was a web developer for another Indian company.

WS: You’ve had many satisfying and rewarding experiences since you joined us. Can you outline a couple?

Ateeq: Receiving a Rewarding Emerging Leader memento from the company president, Mr. Gideon Lim, on the occasion of Web Synergies 10th Anniversary, is my best proudest professional moment to date. Working with the company also gives me the opportunity to work with the latest technology which I find keeps me up to speed with current trends.

WS: I understand you are a ‘local’ and a family man, and live together with your extended family?

Ateeq: Yes, I am from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and I have been blessed with two children, a boy and a girl. We live together with my parents and siblings.

WS: Life is not all work and no play. What do you like to do to unwind?

Ateeq: I have a love of cricket and play it, as well as indoor games. My other hobbies include catching up with the news and watching movies.

WS: Any thoughts on future tech?

Ateeq: As I am the part of the IT Tech team working with Microsoft technologies I foresee that these will continue to develop to make my project work easier.


Ch varalababu varma AKA Jaiveer (Team Lead – Support)

 jaiveer 255x300

Jaiveer finds Nature is the best teacher for everything that needs to be tackled in life. His approach is to learn something new every day and this keeps him motivated.

Working with Web Synergies was his first job after completing his education and he has liked it so much he has remained with the company these past six years. In keeping with his life philosophy he has found that his job provides him with fresh daily challenges.

WS: I am sure you have had many such challenges over the years. What would be your most satisfying?

Jaiveer: Web Synergies India branch relocated in 2011 and as a system administrator this gave me the opportunity to learn new technologies and about network administration. As a result I was able to reconfigure the company firewall and set up the total network at the new location.

Management rewarded my efforts and promoted me to Team Lead for Technical Support. Joining Web Synergies has given me the opportunity to grow within the company, from a junior position to a team leader. I should also add that the blog you are seeing right now is hosted and maintained by me on our servers.

WS: Now I understand that you also have a musical bent?

Jaiveer: Playing flute is a hobby of mine and helps me find peace after a hectic working day. Going on long drives under a cloudy sky also relaxes me. I enjoy Indian food with Mutton Kheema and Andhra Chicken Biryani being two personal favourites.

WS: Is there any person who inspires you?

Jaiveer: Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is an Indian scientist and administrator who served as the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007. His life is very inspiring and I particularly enjoy reading his book, The Wings of Fire.

WS: Do you volunteer for any social causes; anything like that?

Jaiveer: Yes I do. Whenever I have time I help out at the Vivekananda School for Underprivilegedwhich is in Hyderabad. It is a school for slum children, orphans and those who cannot afford an education.

WS: Are you a family man?

Jaiveer: I am married to Devi, and by God’s grace we had a baby girl, Vaishnavi, this year. We are both from Hyderabad and stay with my mother and younger brother who is a businessman.

Deepthi (Senior Web Designer)

deepthi2 219x300

A passionate gardener, Deepthi is one of the many female staff employed by the company. People often think (wrongly) that IT is exclusively a male domain but this is certainly not the case in the Web Synergies family.

When she is not designing web sites, Deepthi likes to spend time with her family and friends.

As with several other staff, she joined Web Synergies immediately after graduation. In the past five years she has risen through the ranks to become Senior UI Designer.

Working with prestigious clients such as ANZ and Fujifilm has been her most satisfying experience to date and she learnt a lot during the process. Her happy clients liked what she delivered and voiced their appreciation.

WS: Which part of India do you come from?

Deepthi: I was born in Nellore, a small city in Andhra Pradesh and graduated from Osmania University. After completing my studies I chose web designing as my profession.

WS: You mentioned earlier how important family is to you. Would you like to expand upon this?

Deepthi: I got married to Mr. Sasi Bhushan in 2008 and I am also the proud mother of a 9 months old daughter, Sai Nivrithi. I love to spend time with her whenever I can.

WS: With a young family member and your work, this must keep you very busy, but do you have any time left for other outside interests?

Deepthi: I enjoy reading books, gardening and cooking in free time. Playing caroms with friends and family members is also an enjoyable activity as is travelling with them on holiday.

My favorite holiday destination is Ooty. Ooty is a hill station with beautiful valleys, tea & coffee estates, gardens and waterfalls and I like the serene atmosphere.

WS: And foods of choice?

Deepthi: I like Andhra style food and sea food, specially fish.

WS: I understand you also support a number of social causes?

Deepthi: After getting married, my better half and I decided that we would donate funds to old age homes and orphanages at the time of our marriage anniversary, and we have been doing so these past four years.

WS: What are the significant design trends you see emerging in say, web design?

Deepthi: The significant design trends I see are, Html 5.0, mobile applications and responsive design.

Mohan (Senior UI Designer)

mohan2 211x300

Our friendly UI designer, Mohan, likes to spend his free time with friends. He is also a big time foodie with Hyderabad Biriyani, Arabian kebabs and other Andhra delicacies tempting his taste buds!

Before joining Web Synergies five years ago he worked with another Indian company as a Junior Designer.

Mohan has found that his employment with the company has been an excellent launch pad to grow, both professionally and personally. Gaining a vast knowledge of web design processes and trends has been one of the key benefits he has got from the many projects he has been involved with.

His time with Web Synergies has passed so quickly that he still cannot quite believe that he has been associated with the W.S. family for such a long time.

As he describes it “management has treated me warmly, just like a family member, and this is what keeps me going”.

WS: Talking of families, are you able to share with us a little about yours and where you are from?

Mohan: I was born in Nadigudem, a small town in Andhra Pradesh. Post graduation, I choose web designing as my profession and have been working in this field ever since.

I married Ms. Sunitha in 2007 and I am also a proud father. I have a 4 year old son, Taman, and I love playing with him.

WS: What about hobbies or interests?

Mohan: I really enjoy playing cricket and meet with my friends every weekend to play at least one cricket match. Aside from this sport I enjoy reading books and browsing when I have a spare moment.

WS: We’ve asked the others where they like to holiday. Do you have a favourite location?

Mohan: I feel relaxed and rejuvenated whenever I travel and I like to visit new places. My favourite holiday destination is Kerala. It’s a land of greenery and is also known as God’s own country. Kerala has some of the finest beaches of India and there are also many temples to visit.

WS: What type of design do you personally find the most interesting?

Mohan: I am interested in product, graphic, print and web design. But personally I enjoy doing web design the most. I see Html 5.0 as having very good possibilities for future development.

These are examples of our experienced and motivated staff, all of whom deliver the high quality work for which Web Synergies has become renowned.

We invite you to contact our sales team today at, if you would like to have one of our teams work on your project.

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