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June 01, 2013 01:56 PM

9 Web Site Design Trends You Should Know About

Over the past decade the world has increasingly turned to the Internet as its primary source of information and searchers are accessing this information on an array of devices.

Our world is also mobile and so it is no surprise that while a web site viewed on a desk top computer remains important, accessing the site on a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone is rapidly becoming the norm.

Even though recent reports show that PC shipments have experienced a fourth consecutive quarter of year-on-year shipment decline, this should not in any way be construed as a reason to do away with building a company web site. Far from it; it is even more essential to have an quality web site.

It remains imperative for businesses that are promoting products and services, or making use of ecommerce, to have a strong brand presence on the web. This is where your brand identity and your values should, and need to, shine.

Simply building a run-of-the-mill website is not enough. Your site must be clearly visible to your target audience and readily accessible  when they are searching for what you are wanting to promote.

And yes, first impressions really do count. Research has shown that if the first impression of your website is not favourable your visitors are likely to move on to your competitor’s site, even if you are offering superior quality products and services at more affordable rates. 

What’s in vogue in 2013?

As with fashion and interior design,  web design tends to follow trends.  The important thing is to retain focus on your target audience, whatever trend is in vogue.  That is why User Experience testing (UX) and User Interface design (UI) are such  important parts of the web design process.


Here are nine web trends of significance: 

  1. Seattle based designer Luke Clum believes that grey-scale with bright accents, muted pastels, neons and brights and minimalist color blocking will be the four palettes of choice for many.
  2. Content management systems (CMS) have rapidly replaced the use of standard html site building.  These allow for far greater flexibility, ease of use and provides a greater range of design options for both client and designer.
  3. HTML5 and CSS3 coding have taken over from Flash as they provide greater functionality options and SEO (Search) prominence.
  4. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is now the norm. That is, web site design that seamlessly adjusts it layout according to the device that is being used, whether it be computer or mobile.
  5. Larger buttons and oversized images are also more prevalent as one of the flow-on effects of designing for mobile. Larger and wider screens on computers also encourage site designers and their clients to use full screen imagery.
  6. Brand prominence and the ability to scroll through a site have become increasingly important, but perhaps the most essential element is design that is simple and interactive.  Touch screens are increasing the need for interaction as well.
  7. Large image backgrounds are being used by brands to capture visitor attention and promote brand values.
  8. Social media icons are now incorporated into new site design as a matter of course.
  9. Landing page social media widget integration and videos are being used to capture immediate attention.

Choose a web company that can “walk the talk”

M-commerce and mobile web design go hand in hand. The indisputable fact that millions of people use a mobile device mobile for web access is a very convincing argument when it comes to selecting a company that understands these key web trends; one that you can fully trust to build you a web site that works, wherever it is accessed from.

As Internet pioneers in Singapore, Web Synergies are experts in both web design and web development and understand how a website should be conceptualized and developed to generate high quality traffic and ensure greater conversions.

The company’s expert web design staff in both Singapore and India have long been recognized for delivering the best in web design and development. The sites we build for our clients are clean, user-friendly and W3C compliant and most importantly, make an immediate impact on site visitors.

When you use Web Synergies for your website design you can be confident that your project is being handled by a great team. It includes highly skilled web designers, developers, programmers, illustrators, animators, SEO specialists and copywriters.

There is no need to go elsewhere for add-on web services as we are well-equipped to provide your complete web content, design, development and search engine optimization needs; all under one roof.

But there’s even more…..Web Synergies also provides secure web hosting and maintenance services.

Whether you are looking for a static website for an online presence, a dynamic website with an efficient content management system for ease of use, or an E-commerce website to sell your products and services, you have an outstanding partnership opportunity with Web Synergies.

We are happy to discuss your website design and development requirements and provide you with a no-obligation quote. Visit our site to learn more.


Singapore: +65 6603 5160
India: +91 (40) 66611904

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