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June 26, 2013 04:45 PM

Let’s Get Social on the 30th


June the 30th for those that do not know is Social Media Day. The idea was first promoted by Mashable and has since gained a global following with events being staged around the world.

Web Synergies staff have participated in past events and plan to do so again this year. In 2010 an event to mark the first Social Media Day was held in Hyderabad.

The Mashable community organises regular events called Mashable Meetups and they have a web site dedicated to this purpose. Here are 88 members of the Hyderabad chapter and they are organising this year’s Social Media Day event to be held in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Singapore has a 128 member chapter who will also be celebrating Social Media Day. In all there are some 1,832 Mashable communities with the largest being in New York. According to the Mashable site there are 32,997 members in 1,696 cities around the world.

But why is this so important? Why should we celebrate the phenomenon that is social media?

By its very nature social media is an online activity but businesses have come to realise that it is vital for them to engage with their customers and prospects through social media channels. Social media marketing is ‘the’ marketing of today.

As a company, Web Synergies has embraced this engagement by developing a social media strategy as a key component of its overall digital strategy. As a result we are currently engaging with 3,015 people across all of the major social media channels including this blog, which is now read in 20 countries.  See our Twitter video here.

But why should an enterprise commit precious staff resource and time to social media?

Online brand visibility and reputation are increasingly made on social media platforms rather than through the traditional web site. This is not to say that a corporate web site is less important; it remains the definitive source of company branding and information.

Social media is often and wrongly assumed to be solely about promotion. Many companies nowadays use social media such as Twitter to provide customer support and feedback. The advantages for using LinkedIn for staff recruitment are also well known.

Because Web Synergies understands that being ‘social’ increases your traffic and customer base we provide a comprehensive social media service ranging from social media integration in a company web site to social media strategy development. Contact us today to find out more how social media can benefit your company.

But in the meantime let’s all celebrate on June 30th how social media has benefited mankind in terms of global interaction and communication. And of course, we invite you to follow us on TwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedIn and ‘like’ us on Facebook – let’s engage!

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