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May 02, 2013 02:30 PM

Breaking through the cloudy facts about the Cloud

According to a study by Cisco, by 2015 the Cloud will account for nearly 34% of all data centre traffic in the world. This is no surprise considering that more and more businesses are adopting the Cloud to better their competition.

Cost savings and flexibility are the two primary incentives for businesses when it comes to adopting the Cloud. For smaller businesses in particular, a lower set up cost means better cash-flow.

Another big advantage is scalability; as you grow it becomes a simple matter to expand your data and services via the Cloud.  No large capital expenditure is required as it used to be when you bough another server to cope.

So are there different varieties of Cloud computing that you can exploit?  The answer is an emphatic yes as the diagram below demonstrates, with well-known examples.


32% of Singapore businesses use the Cloud and in India  the figure is 24%.  The numbers in both countries are showing solid growth as enterprises come to realise the benefits of Cloud-hosting.

Check out this interactive infographic for information about the use of the Cloud by Singaporean businesses. Mouse-over or click on the charts to see the data.

Concerns about security are often cited as the biggest single inhibitor to Cloud adoption, but such concerns are largely unfounded.

The basic question to consider is, which is the biggest security risk?  Your own organisation where your IT team is constantly juggling the complex and varied requirements of your business, or using the Cloud?

Using a third party Cloud provider such as Web Synergies means that you are employing a company whose sole purpose in life is to provide a reliable and secure data services environment.

A proven track record, a transparent Service Level Agreement, the ability to tailor a Cloud service to match your business needs  and 24 X 7 support are all essentials, so choose with care.

Web Synergies offers comprehensive Cloud services.  You can see our Cloud offering here.

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