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September 16, 2013 04:45 PM

India – A Nation of Video Watchers and Bloggers?


Both Anusha Dandekar and the Dalai Lama feature prominently in India’s Google+ rankings.

Much as we like the fact that our own Web Synergies Google+  presence also features in the Top 40 of all India Google+ sites, it raises the question, why is the huge potential of the Indian online market often neglected by the IT media?

The dominance of China, its IT manufacturing prowess  and the geo-political focus of US media, means that we often hear of Huawei but less of comparative Indian online activities.

The recently released 2013 India Digital Future in Focus report by comScore fleshed out some interesting statistics: 

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  • India online population has 31% year on year growth, the second fastest in world terms.
  • This growth is six times the global rate of Internet growth
  • The country’s online population is the world’s third largest; China is first and U.S. second
  • There are 73.9 million Indians who used the Internet at work and at home
  • India Internet users are proportionally younger than their BRIC counterparts. 75% of users under 35 years of age.

You might well think that all of this online activity is a predominantly male activity but you would be wrong. In the Indian market it is 35-44 women who are the heaviest Internet users.

And when they are online what does the Indian population like to do?

Reading blogs and watching videos are high growth activities. Thirty six million of them visit blogs (an annual  growth rate of 48%) and 54 million Internet users used their computers to watch online videos (27% annual  growth).

Online activity is not confined to desktop computers and increasingly people in India are accessing the ‘Net on mobile devices. Mobile phones and tablets account for 26% of category growth.

Businesses who have a strong e-commerce presence are poised to capitalise upon a growing trend of visiting online shopping sites. 60% of Indian online users visit these sites and three of the main players are Jabong,  Myntra and Flipkart.

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When it comes to social media, Pinterest and Tumblr are the fastest growing, with a whopping 589% and 130% growth respectively.  They still have some way to go to topple the top ranking Facebook which has a reach of 86%. LinkedIn is the second most popular social network –  it’s career networking capabilities proving attractive to users.

In India 25% of total minutes spent online is devoted to social media networking use whereas in China the figure is just 3%.

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