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April 22, 2014 06:30 PM

Change Your Communications With These 11 Statistical Insights

Clients will often ask our advice on the subject of online communications. Nothing really surprising in that as we offer consultancy on a variety of business solutions and online communication platforms.

Questions such as, ‘What is the optimum length of a meta-tag title I should include in our web page coding?‘ or ‘We are planning to put our company video on YouTube. How long should it be?‘

They are but two of the key questions that frequently arise.  Fortunately, a recent article from Social media Today has collated statistical evidence which provides a good guide.

These are the eleven statistical findings that can guide your offline and online communications:

  1. The ideal length of a tweet is 100 characters
  2. The ideal length of a Facebook post is less than 40 characters
  3. The ideal length of a Google+ headline is less than 60 characters
  4. The ideal length of a headline is 6 words
  5. The ideal length of a blog post is 7 minutes, 1,600 words
  6. The ideal width of a paragraph is 40-55 characters
  7. The ideal length of an email subject line 28-39 characters
  8. The ideal length of a presentation is 18 minutes
  9. The ideal length of a web page title tag is 55 characters
  10. The ideal length of a domain name is 8 characters
  11. The ideal length of a YouTube is 3 to 3 1/2 minutes

Being an astute reader you will already have noted that the headline for this post is eight words rather than the recommended six and that the content is less than  1,600 words.  Neither meets the ‘ideals’ above.  However, it is wise to remember that ‘ideals’ are not ‘absolutes’; they are simply statistical advice that offers you the best chance of success.

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