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June 05, 2019 03:00 PM

Benefits of Staff Augmentation: A Resource Outsourcing Strategy

In today’s current IT business landscape, contractual obligations require an organization to hire new talent/ staff. This is a part of their human resource outsourcing practices to cater to the client’s business needs to achieve strategic business outcomes.

Project Outsourcing: Short Term Notices for Skilled Resources

Generally, resource outsourcing comes into play when the existing staff is inadequately equipped with the skills that are needed. Also, when the project size is large, or when additional skills are required on the short-term notice.

Other scenarios where IT staff augmentation is acted upon is when the organization.

  • Urgently needs experienced, skilled resources quickly with exceptional technical skills
  • Business fluctuations require reducing human resources of non-value adding skills
  • Replacement with contract staff with core competency skills matching the business requirements

When faced with staff shortages and inadequacies, organizations often employ resource outsourcing teams in-house to administer to their business needs. These can range from eliminating non-core resources to boost overall performance, increase or decrease of IT staffing budgets, sudden or projected essential project requirements, and upskilling of resources.

Boost Performance by Reducing Non-Core Assets

It’s an organization’s choice to reduce/eliminate non-core members of the staff in line with organizational practices and policies. The resource outsourcing team can now hire resources based on the organization’s service level agreements based on short-term or long-term project requirements.

Boost staff performance by hiring or eliminating experienced staff cost-effectively, thereby improving the staff technical skill pool. Help the organization to ramp-up or downsize based on short-term or long-term project estimated requirements easily and most effectively.

In addition, the organization can narrow down costs and be in-line with the current business needs. The resource staffing services provided are up to date and in compliance with all the regulatory bodies and authorities.

Evaluating and Achieving Business Goals

Overcome skilled staff deficiencies and bridge the gap by evaluating the current business goals and leverage an organization’s current IT staff augmentation strategies — upskilling resources to compensate short-term skill deficiencies in staff with the right resources on cost-effective, contractual terms.

This is advantageous to accommodate the impact of hiring permanent resources. There are niche staffing companies that are solely dedicated to find the right fit-candidates and fulfill an organization’s staffing needs.

How Staff Augmentation Companies Accelerate their Way to Success

Employing resources as contractual staff to cater to an organization’s specific, time-sensitive needs. Increase productivity and reduce staffing costs significantly by onboarding niche, skilled, experienced staff. Employees can be hired on contract terms to fix the skill discrepancies and reduce reliance on permanent resources and the hiring process.

benefits of staff augmentation

Timely staff augmentation processes if adhered to properly while navigating IT disruptions and client requirements can help companies stay healthy and agile. Staff augmentation companies can also accelerate their way to success and become more profitable.

A good staff augmentation strategy in a collaborative environment allows management to plan ahead. It can also help to better manage the business structure with measurable goals and key performance indicators.

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