Streamline organizational learning Streamline the organizational learning with Corporate LMS
January 31, 2020 02:00 PM

Streamline organizational learning to learn, grow and innovate

Do you agree that an organization’s greatest assets are its valuable employees and the skills they bring with them? We certainly think so. And we believe that if an organization wishes to remain dynamic and stay on top of its game consistently, these employees need to be nurtured and trained in a way that benefits them as individuals, while also serving the organization well.

Organizational learning is a highly effective tool that can yield amazing results in surprisingly short times if it is planned, executed, and monitored in a seamless & streamlined process.

So how can organizations better prepare their teams to excel in a highly competitive environment? Through effective use of technology. Learning and technology work in tandem - as tech innovations pick up pace, so does the possibility to create more effective corporate training programs and delivery methods.

Here are some approaches that organizations can take to maximize the output of their training efforts:

Work together to better align goals

Often, what stops an organization from making the most of training programs is the lack of planning and commitment from the leaders at the top, who don’t take the time to plan and figure out exactly what they want to accomplish through the exercise. In an optimum learning culture, management and HR work together to define the values, processes and practices that the organization can use to increase performance and employee competencies. To create a sustainable and adaptable learning culture, the knowledge and skills acquired & applied by employees should be shared freely.

Develop competencies for future organizational goals

To maintain a healthy, thriving company, management must continually identify employees who show promise in taking over leadership roles in the future, and begin training them on leadership development, communication and problem-solving skills. HR must also target candidates with leadership potential across all their talent acquisition efforts. An organization can work on developing future leaders as soon as new employees walk in the door by mentoring them and helping them develop professional networks. An effective leadership development program helps build teams that are agile and evolve with the times.

Emphasize on communication / soft skills

In an increasingly borderless world, as organizations become more diverse, companies are seeing the value in developing employee soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, collaboration and negotiation. In a 2016 Deloitte survey, more than 90% of respondents rated soft skills a “critical priority.” Enhanced soft skills within an organization can foster employee retention, improve leadership and build a healthy work culture.

Embrace gamification of training

Although gamification has been around for a while, constantly evolving technologies make it an exciting space, that can always be improved upon. Research by HR Technologist states, “Younger generations today are intimately familiar with the concept of gamification. Most of them grew up with video games and smartphones, so gamifying corporate learning can become a natural extension of learning.” Gamification, simply put, is a process of integrating a progressive reward system into training processes that imitates video games. It provides a ‘safe’ environment where employees can take risks and receive positive reinforcement. It also helps participants see how they stack up against their peers, accomplish goals to earn badges, collaborate and experience a sense of mutual accomplishment.

View training as an employee benefit

Effective training can be an important differentiator between organizations competing for talent. Employees like working for companies that encourage and facilitate personal and professional development, and it often becomes a deciding factor when looking for a job or determining if they should continue with their current organization. Training, learning and development play a critical role in engaging and retaining valued employees. Leverage organizational training as a key employee incentive, and add it to any existing benefits package along with retirement and health & wellness benefits.

More learner-centric than content-centric / Employee-led learning

Traditional training methods focused solely on singular content in a “one size fits all” model, which made it a challenge to engage with the learner. Today, we must customize the learning experience to the learner, integrating his or her experience, work environment, performance and skill set, to create an effective training program. People are now used to getting thousands of results per search on Google, the YouTube algorithm automatically recommending videos based on what was previously watched, and Netflix suggesting content based on their viewing pattern. For the modern learning consumer, videos on your YouTube channel, a classroom session, a MOOC (massive online open course) or a post shared on your social media are elements that have the potential to become great learning content.

Digital and mobile content and delivery

According to a 2018 study by LinkedIn, the biggest challenge that organizations are facing in implementing talent development programs is getting their employees to make time for learning. Employees also agree that they don’t have the time to juggle their primary jobs and the training efforts being put forth. Delivering your training material on multiple platforms - such as classroom, mobile and on-demand, can help employees integrate learning into their busy schedules.

Use AI to optimize learning

Effectively measuring how learning and training activities impact business outcomes is the most significant problem in traditional Learning and Development efforts. With AI-powered technologies, it becomes easier to determine connections between learning activities and employees' performance, and thus define how this impacts business performance. AI will continually determine more data correlations, indicating what data will provide more insights to organizations, and help them understand how they can positively impact their business through training.

A learning management system (LMS) is an application for the implementation, execution, tracking, and delivery of training programs, or learning and development programs for organizations. The concept emerged directly from e-Learning. By utilizing analytical data and reporting mechanisms, Learning management systems identify training and learning gaps. They are focused on online learning delivery but also support a range of other uses, acting as a platform for online content.

Delving into our years of experience & expertise in providing easy-to-implement digital solutions to businesses, we at Web Synergies have developed the iLearnAhead LMS platform - it is an enterprise LMS that offers an innovative and intuitive solution that elevates organizations from outdated learning methods. It is designed to address and overcome any challenges that an organization might face in implementing an efficient, robust, and scalable organizational learning process.

How iLearnAhead simplifies and streamlines organizational learning:

Intuitive UI & UX experience - Powerful, flexible, and easy to use for both trainers and learners. Its intuitive UI & UX design pays attention to how people work.

Powerful reporting - Measure the performance of all your trainees online, all in one place. Move through online training easily while focusing on various courses and verticals.

Unlimited content - Create unlimited courses with videos and SCORM files. Focus on the course material instead of spending time trying to figure out the software.

Round-the-clock expert support - For questions and assistance, reach out to our team via email or over a phone call, and our expert team will be happy to help.

Connect easily & seamlessly - Collaboration between all parties involved in a project is made easy, allowing you to work more efficiently. Make your learning experience a diverse and fruitful one.

The assessment made easy - Evaluate learners’ assignments easily with iLearnAhead’s well-thought-out grading formats. Make your assessment process a breeze.

Flexible integration - Integrate your database or existing systems into iLearnAhead, to help ease your workload and achieve consistency and scalability.

Strong branding - Send your company’s branding and message loud and clear. Fuse your company’s layout, design, and colors into iLearnAhead.

A robust and dependable solution, trusted by industry leaders across the world:

iLearnAhead is a 100% SCORM and Tin Can compliant product, with over 200,000 users across 10 leading global companies, such as Samsung, Standard Chartered, and The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS).

Web Synergies is a global digital service provider that began operations from its headquarters in Singapore in 1998. It has achieved the CMMI level 3 certification for Development & Services. With a dedicated staff of over 300 IT specialists and offices in Singapore, India, and Japan, Web Synergies is the partner of choice for many leading MNCs, SMEs, and Government organizations.

To efficiently streamline and integrate your organizational learning processes, to realize exponential growth in both the quality and quantity of your organization’s output, reach out to us and we will get the ball rolling!

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