December 29, 2022 09:30 AM

How Dynamics 365 ERP Will Impact The Oil & Gas Industry

Digital Transformation for Oil & Gas Services with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Oil and Gas companies have numerous challenges in running business operations and staying competitive and profitable with the changing market trends. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP is the perfect solution to streamline all the oil and gas ecosystems and business processes.

Oil and gas services have three distinct processes in business operations. 

Upstream: The exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas.

Midstream: The transportation and storage of crude oil and natural gas,

Downstream: The conversion of crude oil and natural gas into several finished products. 

Dynamics 365 ERP streamlines all upstream, midstream, and downstream processes seamlessly and efficiently.

Oil & gas companies, pipeline companies, upstream producers, refineries, drilling companies, national oil companies, retailers, wholesalers, and contractors can implement Dynamics 365 ERP to transform their business into a digital platform, connecting exploration, production, refining, and retailing to reduce emissions, reduce costs, expand resources, mitigate environmental impact and innovate to secure a profitable business.

Dynamics Connected Cloud ERP for Oil & Gas Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP enhances cloud computing strategy by connecting operations, products, clients, and services and simplifies and connects business processes, improving customer relations and boosting growth. Dynamics 365 has a field service component to provide connected field services to optimize your resources, such as dispatching the right technicians to troubleshoot and resolve the issues in real time. You can also engage customers with self-service portals for a superior customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics Field Service in Oil & Gas

Dynamics 365 field service business application allows oil & gas companies to manage a mobile workforce by scheduling resources based on the requirements. You can create work orders to assign field service engineers to fix on-time breakdowns and periodic maintenance. Customer agreements allow for generating work orders and invoices for the field workforce.

In the field service, you can generate purchase orders to add inventory to your warehouse and transfer inventory from one warehouse to another if you have multiple warehouses and products that need to be available in the required warehouse. You can also manage return merchandise authorization to be returned to a vendor or the warehouse. The field service shares a schedule board with the project service allowing you to schedule resources and track work order activities.

Web Synergies builds solutions with Dynamics 365 connected Cloud ERP for Oil & Gas Services, leveraging all functionalities and features and automating workflows, thereby creating real business value.

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