December 01, 2022 09:30 AM

WordPress Drives Traffic to Your Business

WordPress is a go-to Content Management System (CMS), open-source for business websites, E-commerce stores, blogs, and mobile applications. It has pre-designed templates and themes to build web pages and elements. Since it is an open-source platform, you can utilize several E-commerce plugins to manage selling products, payments, and shipping for all your requirements for your online store.

WordPress can manage heavy traffic for E-commerce websites and has all the tools of the trade. It is packed with innovative features, which a small or medium business can also use with ease. You can create and manage any website for internal teams, such as E-commerce, blog, online store, or corporate intranet for internal teams.

WordPress Integration Advantage

WordPress can extend its functionality by integrating numerous premium and free third-party applications and software.

Salesforce Integration Solution

The Zapier Application integration tool can integrate WordPress and Salesforce, connecting WPForm with Salesforce to enhance its lead generating capabilities, including paid search and e-mail marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Integration Solution

Dynamics 365 Marketing has a built-in function to create and embed forms on your website. Whether using WordPress, simple HTML, or any other CMS, you can make and embed as many forms as needed.

Optimizely Integration Solution

Optimizely provides a plugin for the WordPress website for testing headlines and A/B Testing and allows you to create new experiments, see the results, launch winners, and much more, all without leaving WordPress.

Boosting WordPress Functionality with Plugins

Plugins are add-ons that extend and boost the functionality of your website. Hundreds of free and premium plugins are available for the function you need to add. Some important ones are:


You can set up WooCommerce, an open-source E-commerce plugin to integrate WordPress and transform your WordPress website into an E-commerce store.


You can connect your WordPress website with Google Analytics through the MonsterInsights plugin. This will allow you to enable all of WordPress' Google Analytics tracking features and analytics dashboard. You can also analyze insights and create reports.

Askimet Spam Protection

The Akismet plugin filters out millions of spam comments from your WordPress website. It goes through the blog's comments and filters out spam through algorithms. This plugin is pre-installed, but you have to activate it. Once turned on, it automatically moves the spam to the spam folder.

XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps is an excellent plugin for your WordPress website to improve SEO and create XML sitemaps to help search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to crawl and index your website. It alerts the search engines any time you update your content.


WP-Optimizer is a free plugin for WordPress to enhance search engine results and your page rankings. It improves website performance through an advanced caching system.

Broken Link Checker

This WordPress plugin monitors external and internal links in your pages, comments, and posts. It fixes bad links and improves user experience and SEO as well.


This plugin reduces errors and enhances your WordPress website ranking by managing 301 redirections and tracking 404 errors. It provides you with an option to view all redirects on your website.


This plugin makes your WordPress website safer and faster. It includes site security, backup and restore functions, and also has spam and malware protection.

All-in-One SEO

This plugin increases traffic and improves the SEO rankings of your WordPress website. It is a simple tool to optimize your pages for higher rankings in search engines.


Wordfence is a plugin security solution for WordPress. It consists of an endpoint firewall and malware scanner to protect the WordPress website. Malware scanner checks core files, themes, and plugins for malware, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, and malicious redirects.

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