February 28, 2022 10:30 AM

Microsoft Power Automate: How it can help grow your business

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a part of a revolutionary enterprise technology that binds together your old and new systems while cutting down on your monotonous tasks.

RPA is a software technology created to simplify installing and managing software robots that mimic human interactions with the virtual ecosystem. By employing it, you can experience software robots that can do things beyond a conventional computer system- like comprehending the data on your screen, finishing the right keystrokes, navigating across systems, categorizing data, and performing a wide array of organizational functions. However, compared to humans, they can easily accomplish all the above actions more quickly and with unmatched consistency. They don’t even need a tea break in between the tasks to rejuvenate themselves!

What is Power Automate?

Businesses today are cut-throat and demand digital solutions that are nimble, competent, and yet simple to use.

Microsoft aims to attain these goals by engineering the technologically advanced and cloud-based Power Automate as part of its Power Platform.

Microsoft Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow) is an enterprise automation software that relies on bots to emulate human users to reproduce routine tasks and automate personalized processes.

The software caters to a wide range of automated end-to-end processes and remedies common technology issues that millions of personnel struggle with on a daily basis. Power Automate requires little to no human attendance. It fulfills its commands with even no user interaction. A Microsoft Office 360 application, it can act as your virtual assistant by performing tasks such as storing and categorizing data, pinging or alerting you whenever required, etc.

You can also create and customize an array of flows depending upon the nature of the task. Some of them are:

Automated Flows:

These are some of the most often used flows. The automation is kicked-off by an event (a new email from a specific client or a social media mention). Enables connectors to connect your accounts with cloud or on-premise services.

Another example of using this flow is setting it up to monitor every time your brand is mentioned on social media. That crucial data is automatically copied into an Excel sheet so you can assess it on a routine basis and plan your next marketing strategy.

Instant Flows:

The instant flows demarcate a set of events that ought to happen after you click a button. For instance, sending across a reminder to the team with a push of the button.

It caters to a whole lot of actions, such as asking for approval, a task in SharePoint, Power Apps, etc.

Scheduled Flows:

Schedules tasks to be done at a precise time. This flow helps cut down on the time and energy that would have otherwise been expended on performing extremely repetitive tasks. You can also schedule certain recurring functions at a stretch.

Desktop Flows:

These flows are utilized to automate tasks on your desktop or even on the web.

Business Process Flows:

This type of flow facilitates you in regulating workflows that need to be implemented on a daily basis. Business process flows come in real handy here since each organization has unique requirements, and in order to fulfill them competently, they must abide by a set of measures. This type of flow also aids in augmenting your company’s growth and the productivity of your team members.

How does Microsoft Power Automate help grow your business?

Time is money, and modern-day organizations know this a little too well. A high-paced corporate workplace can only function on advanced business technology that catalyses team communication, fuels efficiency, amps up productivity, and provides holistic satisfaction across all the departments in the organization.

When you opt for Power Automate, you are consciously choose your company’s growth. Installing the software to automate tedious and redundant chores that would otherwise entail manual work is a smart tactic that optimizes your business resources and team’s skill set.

Some of the many benefits of Power Automate are:

  • Efficient business operations
  • Slashed operational costs
  • Optimised company performance
  • Better security
  • Seamless acquiescence
  • Less scope for human error
  • Routine insights to make informed decisions
  • An end to frustrating and repetitive tasks that otherwise require low-code automation
  • Endless collaboration
  • Streamlined day-to-day tasks while also separately categorizing the high priority ones
  • Connects and automates tasks across a wide range of business systems
  • Predefined or customized templates to create an optimized workflow
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Easy access to data

Less humdrum with greater automation! In a world that is run by data and operations, it is only a matter of time before which you have to sign up for an application that computerizes all your processes. Automating your business functions will optimize your company’s productivity, bring down your costs, and amplify your revenue.

Microsoft’s Power Automate works at streamlining your business processes with its constantly evolving technology and little to no human intervention.

Let us help you out!

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