February 14, 2022 10:30 AM

RPA Solutions by UiPath - The smart way to build a more efficient business

RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, consists of software-based automation solutions that are designed to help businesses achieve cost reduction, improve process speed, optimize decision outcomes, improve process resilience, quality, and compliance. All this is made possible by automating the tedious and repetitive tasks that are usually handled manually, thereby also eliminating the risk of human error.

Today, digitalization of business is happening at break-neck speed, and the winners in this evolving marketplace will be those who are the fastest to adopt these changes. Business leaders have always been on the lookout for ways to increase business productivity and efficiency, and while initiatives based on shared service centers (SSCs) and lean programs are effective, they often take years to implement correctly, and also require deep-rooted changes to the company, its processes, and its employees. RPA solutions, on the other hand, can be implemented in months, and are scalable to an infinite level.

What is the UiPath RPA platform?

UiPath is among the leading global RPA software providers, and offers cutting-edge software solutions to automate business processes. UiPath products allow you to automate the business processes that involve web-based applications, while also offering unmatched solutions for SAP, and BPO automation.

Apart from cognitive capabilities, it extends its capabilities towards advanced intelligent automation solutions to enable the creation of innovations in businesses dealing with RPA technologies. Apart from being fast, efficient, and affordable, UiPath RPA is easy to integrate into an existing system of an enterprise without causing any disruption to workflows.

UiPath offers 3 major products to enable business automation, which are:

UiPath Studio

- An advanced automation tool which enables the creation of process automation in a visual manner through recorders. UiPath Studio comprises two parts, one is the designer tool, where a bot is built, and the other is where the bot is put to work to run the automation. Since the studio enables automation by simply using the point & click and drag & drop features as well as workflow foundation technology, process designers can make use of this tool without any prior programming knowledge.

UiPath Robot

- A digital worker whose role is to execute and implement the processes created in the studio just as a human worker would, with or without manual supervision and in all types of environments. With the added influence of advanced computer processing, it hastens accurate automation for SAP, Citrix, and Mainframe processes.

UiPath Orchestrator

- A management console to license the configuration and deployment of the UiPath RPA platform. This web application enables users to adopt, schedule, manage and supervise software robots and their processes, while business exception handling is carried on through centralized work queues. It also offers deep workflow information and dominant analytics for smarter decision-making.

Standout features of the UiPath RPA platform:

  • Workflow drag & drop
  • Record and playback
  • Advanced screen & data scraping options
  • Collaborative integration
  • Debugging
  • Image and textual automation
  • Logical control level
  • Multi-tenancy
  • .Net & C# functions
  • Workflow and reusability
  • Optical character recognition

Benefits of the UiPath RPA platform:

Open platform: Easy to work with, and easy to read - UiPath RPA is extensible, highlighting numbers of built-in, preferable, shareable exercises, and deep combinations with ERP, AI and BPM industries.

Rapid results: It is tested and certified to be able to deliver more than 60% express automation configuration and 8-10x faster automation and worldwide implementation support.

Path to AI: Where automation becomes AI, training robots through machine learning to make valid decisions in severe cases with some suggested objections.

Scalability: Any type and number of methods including all front-office as well as back-office conditions and possibilities, however complex, can be automated.

Security: Unmatched enterprise-grade protection and auditing capabilities, with role-based controller with encryption, allows for system safety and enables handling credentials everywhere.

Web Synergies for all your RPA implementation needs

The experienced team at Web Synergies possesses end-to-end capabilities in process automation, from assessing and identifying automation feasibility, designing and developing bots, to optimizing the automation solution.

We implement automation solutions using proven frameworks and various RPA tools, and enable truly intelligent automation through integration with NLP, NLG, and leading OCR tools.

We have considerable expertise and experience in building chatbot using Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM Watson, and in automating 40+ processes including, loan processing, claims processing, invoice processing, IT processes, inventory management, and order entry.

One of our breakthrough achievements includes the introduction of RPA to the field of Engineering Services for Structural Analysis and Design.

Reach out to us to get started on a digitalization journey that is sure to create a positive impact on your business by boosting efficiency and productivity.

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