How to Use RPA in IT Departments
July 20, 2022 02:30 AM

The Role of RPA in IT Process Automation

While “automation” is a key priority of digital transformation programs undertaken by businesses, most robotic process automation projects are business-focused, and concentrate on enhancing customer experiences, sales, marketing, order management, and supply-chain operations. This rapid digitization of business processes has been putting IT teams around the world under immense pressure. Businesses and organizations are quickly realizing the importance of IT process automation in order to enhance productivity, minimize the risk of human error, and eliminate backlogs of repetitive tasks.

A basic understanding of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

So what is RPA (Robotic process automation)? RPA involves the development and implementation of software robots (bots) to easily automate rules-based, repetitive tasks that were traditionally performed by people, within workflow and process-related applications and operations.

At its core, robotic process automation enables businesses to replicate how people perform repetitive tasks in an application. This replication is based upon studying user interface interactions, which means that the bot analyzes how people use a specific application that has a user interface to begin with, so it can be used for the ‘to be automated’ task.

The automation of IT processes

Why RPA is important for process automation

RPA software has the capabilities to fully automate data and process flows at a granular level - for example, app forms and data fields - thereby enabling smoother inter-application data and process integration between the target and source systems. It makes use of several artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to smartly analyze unstructured data, guide automation designs, and enable them to learn and grow smarter as they execute and supplement the skills of IT professionals to make remarkably accurate recommendations, predictions and decisions. This is how we can leverage RPA to create digital workforces to support IT organizations, and make them more efficient and capable.

Leading organizations around the world are making use of RPA capabilities to enhance collaboration among IT professionals to minimize errors, cost and cycle times, improve business performance towards desired outcomes and to perform seamlessly even at scale. When RPA is given center-stage in IT process automation, organizations can be highly effective in their efforts and boost efficiency when it comes to executing their tasks. Implementation of RPA software also gives IT organizations the ability to gain higher value from all their other IT investments.

RPA solutions by Web Synergies

Why Web Synergies is perfectly suited to meet all your RPA needs:

  • End-to-end capabilities in process automation from assessing and identifying automation feasibility, designing and developing bots, to optimizing the automation solution
  • Automation solutions using proven frameworks and various RPA tools
  • Truly intelligent automation through integration with NLP, NLG, and leading OCR tools
  • Expertise in building chatbot using Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM Watson
  • Experience in automating 40+ processes including, loan processing, claims processing, invoice processing, IT processes, inventory management, and order entry

Breakthrough achievement in introducing RPA to the Engineering Services for Structural Analysis and Design

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