November 30, 2022 06:30 AM

Boost your Finances with Dynamics 365 Banking and Finance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance includes financials, accounting, budgeting, and project management. In financials and accounting, you have a lot of features to enhance your financial decision-making. Under cash and bank management, you can reconcile bank accounts, transfer funds, deposit bank funds, and manage letters of guarantee.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for financial services

You can set up centralized payments for accounts payable, accounts receivable, and vendor payments, reimburse customers, provide cash discounts, issue letters of credit, and configure cash settlement.

On the Budgeting front, you have a budget plan, budget register entry, and budget control framework covering all aspects of long-term strategic and annual budget planning, supported through a budget plan document. You can enable budget control at all levels of your organization to achieve your targets through your organizational policies.

How to optimize your financials with Dynamics 365 banking accelerator

Dynamics 365 banking accelerator is an efficient, competitive, personalized, and hassle-free way to deliver digital experiences to your customers. Dynamics 365 banking accelerator extends the functionality of a standard data model to share the banking and financial industry data such as mortgages, loans, branch details, referrals, and collaterals. We have all the banking functions streamlined to provide quick results and insights, known as the banking accelerator.

Redefining Banking with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for banking and financial services

The Dynamics 365 banking function is part of Microsoft Dynamics’ financial services. The banking feature streamlines and optimizes all banking-related functions, such as cash and bank management process, making deposits, canceling payments, reconciling bank accounts, transferring bank funds and letters of credit, creating new blank checks, deleting checks, creating deposit slips, cancelling a deposit slip, and checking the balance. On the analytics page, you can view and analyze all financial details in a simplified view.

The Web Synergies team, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, has deep domain expertise in the financial services sector, digital transformation, and the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We are building solutions for Banking and Finance, automating complex business finance processes, and a Dynamic 365 banking accelerator to transform legacy accounting systems, creating significant business value.

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