October 28, 2022 09:30 AM

Low-code application development with Microsoft Power Apps

Agility and adaptability are two virtues that every contemporary organization wishes to master in today’s world.

Low-code application development is an efficient, and increasingly popular approach for modern businesses to quickly pivot and adapt to a rapidly shifting and evolving global business environment.

Power Apps is the low-code development component of Microsoft's broader Power Platform, which also includes several offerings for Business Intelligence and other functionalities.

Microsoft Power Apps allows users to develop their own applications, usually for specific business functions, and also provides professional developers with a quick development route.

App Makers/Creators: Can create basic canvas, model-driven, and portal apps.

App Users: Can run apps that they created, or apps shared by other creators, on mobile devices or browsers.

Admins: Create and manage environments, users, roles, and data-loss prevention policies.

Developers: Can write code that extends the basic functionality of simple Power Apps.

Benefits of a low-code development platform:

Efficiency: Less reliability on developers. Other teams can develop apps for multiple platforms, and the whole organization can benefit from intuitive features like drag and drop functionality and user-friendly APIs.

Flexibility: Citizen developers can create flexible apps designed to accomplish specific tasks.

Responsiveness: You can quickly deliver and change a full-stack application, allowing your business to pivot to accommodate unpredictable market shifts.

Interability: Provide customers with a positive, consistent, and frictionless experience with functionalities like pre-built templates and chatbots.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Web Synergies is your ideal digital transformation partner to help your organization make the most of Microsoft Power Apps, to develop and deploy custom-made business applications, designed to address your specific business needs.

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