January 20, 2023 10:30 AM

Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing sector

Manufacturers are restrategizing their market edge in the post-pandemic landscape, leveraging AI and hybrid cloud to increase adaptability, technology, and insights across key areas of operation.

Industrial digital transformation has shown a concrete potential to boost the annual global economy with its astute features! With so many opportunities, manufacturers are exploring how IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) can fine-tune supplier bases, enhance production line efficiency, expedite new product development, and achieve superior offerings.

Data is collected from machines on the factory base, assets in the supply chain, or goods used by customers to begin the digital transformation process. When integrated with other company inputs, this data can be fashioned and perused to yield a range of practical applications.

Here’s why you need to adopt digital transformation solutions in the manufacturing sector already:

  • Consolidate data across all systems and achieve complete end-to-end accessibility and seamless tracking
  • Utilize the innovation management channel to leverage  the potentials that digitalization provides
  • Gain live transparency into quality and expenditures to monitor and enhance the efficiency of the manufacturing process 
  • Reduce stock levels and time to market to boost sales growth
  • Achieve proactive maintenance to cut down on manufacturing downtime

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