January 09, 2023 10:30 AM

Cloud transformation on Microsoft Azure for banking and finance

With Microsoft Azure for banking, utilize the speed and security of the cloud to transform your business. Boost risk management, provide distinctive customer experiences, and combat scams efficiently.

  • Enable business transactions 

Revamp and secure your banking software systems quickly and thoroughly, all while providing your customers with a more preemptive and personalised financial service experience.

  • Provide unique client experiences

By employing customer data and predictive analysis, you can improve your customer insights. This helps in improving your knowledge to provide a more personalised experience at every point of contact.

  • Retool core banking and payments

Shifting financial services and software to the cloud will give you and your customers a whole new level of dexterity. This empowers you to harness new analytics and AI to venture into untapped potential while rolling out innovative products.

  • Manage risks strategically

With Azure’s holistic solutions, you can safeguard sensitive data while also staying on top of regulatory frameworks.

  • Fight financial crime

Detect criminal and deceitful activity with machine learning, which auto-filters and stops malicious activity while reducing false alerts and facilitating compliance.

  • Transform team collaboration

Streamline workplace operations and personnel productivity, both locally and remotely. Everyone can collaborate safely on any device, from anywhere, including front-line employees and bankers.

Paving the path for smoother and more secure financial services

Web Synergies’ ability to deliver and deploy solutions in an agile manner, combined with the in-depth understanding of Azure solutions for financial services, enables you to handle and manage heavy operations more effectively. 

Our reliable and flexible solutions are created to increase operational excellence, customer loyalty, and functional efficiency in order to keep up with cutting-edge Microsoft cloud for financial services. Get in touch now!

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