April 27, 2023 10:30 AM

Salesforce Runs Marketing Automation

Salesforce is a highly customizable and flexible CRM platform that integrates with many other types of business software. It provides value to sales teams, marketing teams, and customer service teams by managing customer data, purchase history, and preferences. In this blog, we will focus on Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which builds and manages customer journeys and has various built-in marketing components.

Salesforce Solutions for Business Challenges:

Salesforce CRM provides easy tools that can effectively address all the challenges faced by sales teams such as poor customer service, lack of knowledge and records, inability to track customer data, and evaluate sales performance. Salesforce CRM can be customized according to a company's needs and can be used by any department, regardless of the company's size or existence period.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform that builds and manages customer journeys with its built-in marketing components like content builder, audience builder, journey builder, personalization builder, analytics builder, and marketing cloud connect. Each of these components is discussed in detail below.

Content Builder:

Content Builder allows you to build and manage content for all your digital channels from one location. It makes searching, filtering, and grouping your content straightforward. You can deliver the right content to the right customer profile using advanced algorithms. There are mobile-optimized templates to build intelligent content with drag-and-drop smart content blocks.

Audience Builder:

Audience Builder enables you to build a single view of each customer by using data from contact management and segmenting customers with a built-in drag-and-drop interface. It allows you to quickly discover new opportunities, see trends, and engage with new customers. You can deliver personalized messages based on customer purchase history and browsing activity.

Journey Builder:

Journey Builder helps you deliver seamless customer experiences by creating customer journeys across the web, advertising, email, social, and mobile. You can quickly respond to engagement, such as purchases, clicks, and email openings. You can use predictive intelligence to deliver timely, relevant content.

Personalization Builder:

Personalization Builder uses predictive analytics to understand each customer's preferences and automatically tailors the content to be delivered on the web and in email. Salesforce Einstein, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, is used to observe customer clicks and actions to build a behavioral profile for each individual that models their content and product preferences.

Analytics Builder:

Analytics Builder uses the built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology called Salesforce Einstein to discover new insights in your data by tracking your website and mobile app visitors' behavior and finds new insights with configurable tiles like visitor location, site search terms, and abandoned cart value. You can use email reporting to discover each campaign's open email rates, clicks, and unsubscribes. You also get data visualization of reports in various formats like bar graphs, pie charts, heat grids, or scatter plots to discover trends.

Marketing Cloud Connect:

Marketing Cloud Connect enables you to collect data from across the entire Customer Success Platform and create a complete picture of each customer and message across all channels and devices with relevant content. You can create seamless experiences for your customers, employees, and partners.

Web Synergies will implement Salesforce as an end-to-end CRM marketing solution to unify all marketing processes with connected planning called Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect. Marketing and sales can gain real-time insights into customer experience and make the right decisions to boost productivity and profits.

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