April 30, 2023 10:30 AM

SAP HANA: Boosting Business Success with Data Analytics

SAP HANA is the primary SAP offering for a reliable database with high performance for creating custom developments, managing data for analytic topics, and extending on-premises capabilities with cloud capabilities. SAP calls the process of deriving maximum value from your data' data-to-value'. The combination of data and analytics capabilities is key to this process. You want to analyze or aggregate your data to get insights that can contribute to better planning, data warehousing solutions, and an analytics solution for building dashboards, telling stories, and gaining significant business insights. The SAP Business Technology Platform provides one strategy for all data-driven innovations to turn data into value.

SAP HANA is a high-performance database management system that enables businesses to extract maximum value from their data through custom development, data management for analytical topics, and extension of on-premises capabilities with cloud capabilities.

What is SAP HANA Cloud?

SAP HANA Cloud is a wholly managed in-memory multi-tier cloud database (DBaaS). SAP HANA cloud includes Data Storage, Data Processing, Data Integration, Data Orchestration, Information Governance, and Master Data Management. SAP HANA Cloud gives you a single place to access, store, and process your data in real time.

SAP Business Technology Platform provides analytics capabilities and solutions to improve your business through self-service Business Intelligence, data warehousing, and data analytics. End users can easily create their ad-hoc reports and dashboards.

Why SAP Data Analytics

Data Analytics helps organizations plan, forecast, and make rapid, insight-driven decisions. Data is the lifeline of business applications, with all other cloud services dependent on effective data management. This includes data storage, processing, integration, orchestration, governance, and master data management. Analytics allows access to pre-built, business-related content that draws on best practices and reduces development time. Organizations can maximize the value of their SAP data to make more impactful decisions by drawing more basic conclusions from data.

SAP HANA offers full SQL support, plus SQL Script, an extension to Native SQL. Development in SAP HANA naturally relies on the native SQL or extended SQL framework. SAP cloud provides scalability, flexibility, elasticity, and resiliency for customers' progress. Data and Analytics include data handling, business intelligence, augmented analytics, predictive analytics, collaborative planning, and data warehousing.

SAP HANA Data Analytics is a powerful tool for businesses to derive value from their data, plan for the future, and make rapid, insight-driven decisions. With SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Business Technology Platform, businesses have a single, unified platform for data storage, processing, integration, and governance, with analytics capabilities to draw insights from data. Web Synergies provides trusted consulting services to help businesses leverage SAP HANA: Data Analytics to enhance their operations and boost their business value.

Why Choose Web Synergies for SAP HANA: Data Analytics?

Web Synergies is a trusted partner and consultant that analyzes your business operating environment and implements the SAP HANA: Data Analytics solution to boost your business value. With deep domain expertise, SAP consultants engage effectively with customers to share all that SAP offers in designing, building, and testing winning SAP business solutions.

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