February 10, 2023 10:30 AM

Best practices for migrating to Microsoft SharePoint Online

Organizations that shift from their old on-premises legacy systems to SharePoint Online stand to gain new capabilities, such as Power Suite and site analytics.

SharePoint Online, which is one of the dynamic business platforms in the Microsoft 365 suite, empowers teamwork with its collaborative features, pushing for better communication with its intranet capabilities, and providing security, visibility, and control to sensitive information with its governance policies.

Reasons to consider migrating to SharePoint Online:

  • Save on IT overhead costs
  • Enhanced security
  • Better collaboration capabilities
  • Consolidating content
  • Superior mobile access
  • Improved user experience

Create a detailed migration plan to avoid potential errors, reduce downtime, and ensure that your SharePoint migration project runs smoothly. 

Follow these six best practices during the SharePoint Online migration process to ensure a seamless transition from an on-premises system to the cloud:

Take inventory of your SharePoint data by performing an audit of what’s currently on your environment

Clean up your environment from data that’s redundant, unused, or no longer up-to-date

Plan and structure your information architecture for your business to get your new environment ready

Communicate the benefits behind the move to users so that they understand ahead of time

Kick-off your migration with the right tools to ensure success. Ideally, choose a tool that offers you automated migration reports to keep everything smooth

Generate a post-migration checklist that makes sense to you reality, and helps you keep tabs of all things you need to consider post your migration

A SharePoint Online migration can be a huge undertaking, especially for large organizations with an abundance of content, configurations and customizations to move.

As Microsoft Gold Partners, Web Synergies can help your organization implement a smooth migration to SharePoint Online.

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