March 10, 2023 02:30 AM

Lead Your Marketing and Sales with LeadSquared

LeadSquared is a marketing automation and leads conversion platform that offers end-to-end marketing and sales automation solutions. It provides a seamless marketing automation process that dynamically customizes emails, forms, and landing pages for specific segments of customers and prospects. With LeadSquared, you can run A/B tests and alternate test versions of emails, landing pages, and forms to optimize the maximum response rates and increase conversions.

Make Your Marketing Automation Cool with LeadSquared

LeadSquared can help you manage smooth marketing campaigns and programs across multiple channels, including online ads, mobile, video campaigns, and social media. You can create and optimize your assets, such as landing pages, emails, and campaigns, and track results and costs to assess your campaign ROI.

LeadSquared Marketing Automation also monitors what leads and contacts are saying on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, and online communities. It uses these social insights to segment prospects, trigger campaigns, and update lead scores.

Measure Your Success with Pre-Configured and Custom Reports

With LeadSquared, you can use pre-configured and custom reports and dashboards to measure leads by source, campaign, month, email performance, landing page performance, and web and social activity. These reports can be sent to your teams, and you can see which marketing investments generate the most significant return and how you should allocate your marketing budget.

Integrate with Third-Party Apps

LeadSquared integrates with several third-party apps to extend functionality and connect with other systems. For example, you can add Facebook, Twitter, Google Meet, Gmail, Outlook, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, LiveChat, Razorpay, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Zapier, Zendesk, and WhatsApp.

LeadSquared Marketing Automation Features

LeadSquared offers a wide range of marketing automation features, including lead management, lead nurturing, lead scoring and grading, segmentation, automated alerts and tasks, marketing lead database, data quality management, online behavior tracking, dynamic content, mobile optimization, landing pages, and forms.

Get Started with LeadSquared Today

Web Synergies can help you with LeadSquared Marketing Automation consulting and implementing strategies to transform your marketing campaigns and create business value, how people work, and the ultimate business bottom line. As a LeadSquared certified partner, we have the expertise to help you get the most out of this powerful marketing automation platform. Get started with LeadSquared today and start generating and converting more leads.

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