May 05, 2023 10:30 AM

Boost Your Sales with SAP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)

The main goal of sales and distribution in an organization is to increase the volume of products sold to generate revenue for the business. SAP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) is an ERP module that allows companies to store and manage customer and product data to manage the sales order, shipping, billing, and invoicing of their goods and services.

SAP SD covers all facets related to Sales, Orders, and Distribution Processing, maximizing profits, and boosting your sales. It also connects other sales management activities like sales promotion, marketing, advertising, pricing, streamlining order delivery, packaging, billing, order processing, risk management, and product shipping. It also enhances the tracking of shipments and efficient communication with customers.

SAP SD Components

SAP-SD-MD: Master Data

SAP SD master data include customer master data, material master data, pricing conditions records, output records, and credit management. It tracks every transaction and the entire flow of data.

SAP-SD-BF: Basic Functions

SAP-SD's Basic Functions are pricing, availability check, credit management, material determination, output determination, text determination, account determination.


SAP-SD-SLS system has sales orders, customer inquiries, quotations, complaints, credit and debit memos and returns, outline agreements, contracts, and scheduling agreements.

SAP-SD-SHP: Shipping

SAP-SD-SHP tracks different methods of shipping and delivery and return backs in the system.

SAP-SD-TBA: Transportation

SAP-SD-TBA keeps track of all the transportation data in the shipping

SAP-SD-FT: Foreign Trade

SAP's Foreign Trade component enables the management of import and export processes, integrating them efficiently into the supply chain. It also identifies licensing requirements for importing and exporting goods based on current regulations.

SAP-SD-BIL: Billing

SAP-SD-BIL includes the creation of invoices based on deliveries or services, issuing credit and debit memos, Pro forma invoices, canceling billing transactions, comprehensive pricing functions, issuing rebates and transferring billing data to Financial Accounting (FI).

SAP-SD-CAS: Sales Support

SAP-SD-CAS is computer Aided Selling. It helps organizations to create recent sales, track existing sales, and performance-enhancing the marketing and sales of an organization.

How Can SAP-SD Benefit the Organizations

  • It helps to track transactions of sales.
  • It keeps a sales data record and produces a report of team performance.
  • SAP SD captures all pre-sales and post-sales process information.
  • It provides a defined process of SD (sales and distribution).
  • SAP SD enables you to categorize diverse sales and their designated operations.
  • It helps to manage the documents related to sales in the system effectively.


1-What is SAP SD?

SAP SD means SAP Sales and distribution. It stores the consumer and product data of a company's customers. It manages its products' shipping, billing, selling, and transportation. It complements the other SAP modules like MM (material management) and PP (production planning) for the best customer success in an organization.

2-What are the Sub-components in SAP SD?

The Sub-Components of the SAP Sales and Distribution are:

SAP SD-MD (Master Data)

SAP SD-BF (Basic Functions)

SAP SD-SLS (Sales)

SAP SD-SHP (shipping)

SAP SD-TBA (Transportation)

SAP SD-FTT (Foreign trade)

SAP SD-BIL (Billing)

SAP SD-CAS (Sales support)

3-What is the sales component in SAP SD?

The sales component in SAP SD is the combination of sales distribution channels. It will help the organization adopt a marketing strategy to improve sales.

4- What is the distribution component in SAP SD?

This Distribution component has information and details of the distributed products, and it keeps a log of all the products and services an organization provides to its users.

5-What is mapping an enterprise structure in SAP SD?

An organization's structure depicts the structure of the natural world business. The needed requirements like the client, distribution channel, company code, and location can be defined as various organizational units.

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