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August 23, 2013 06:30 PM

PayDay! Ensures Cost-effective, Compliant Payroll Processing for Businesses

When Singapore payroll Services provider and Stone Forest Company Payroll Serve wanted to provide its clients with a market-leading service, it turned to Web Synergies.

The result is PayDay!, a Software as a Service (SaaS) system hosted on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform.

PayDay! is a true pay-per-use hosted payroll solution with no upfront payments required. The client pays only for the number of employees on its payroll each month. Payroll Serve’s new service is targeted at organizations with no more than 20 employees.

Changes to Singapore’s regulations from 2014 affect SME payroll services and software providers. This meant Payroll Serve needed the assurance that its chosen system provider could not only meet information security and transparency requirements, but also ensure regulatory compliance in line with the changes.

The Web Synergies-developed PayDay! Cloud-based, payroll software automatically ensures regulatory compliance at all times.

Web Synergies provided a total package for the client, designing and developing the system as well as providing ongoing support. As Payroll Serve processes S$1billion of salaries each year, only the best solution will do.

Security is paramount, so all data is encrypted using the highly secure 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

Paper payslips are truly a thing of the past and the simplicity of the PayDay! design means that an employee’s payslip is automatically generated and delivered to him or her after every payroll process.

As today’s world is a mobile one and Asian employees are tech-savvy, Web Synergies also built a mobile app for the client. Employees can now view their payslips on their smartphones or any web browser. The app is available both in the Apple Store and as an Android version through Google Play.

Payroll Serve can also now forget about the bother of software upgrades as the cloud hosting using Windows Azure is supported by Web Synergies’ highly trained technical support team.

In a statement to the media, Mr. Tay Thain Lin, Payroll Serve’s technical director, said that PayDay! will close the gap for small firms relying on manual entry.

“We realised that most small businesses do not have payroll software and eventually, it will be tough for them to migrate their manual information for accounting purposes,” Mr. Tay was quoted as saying in The Straits Times.

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