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March 12, 2018 01:30 PM

Web Synergies to manage Sitecore Customer Experience Platform on Azure for Inchcape Singapore

We have immense pleasure to announce that Inchcape Singapore principal of Borneo Motors, the distributor and retailer for Toyota, Lexus, Hino and Suzuki has chosen to partner with Web Synergies on 19th January to takeover the development activities, improvements, building new sites, mobile apps, and support and maintenance of its Sitecore customer experience management platform including its Azure infrastructure from its incumbent Dog Digital. Web Synergies will be responsible for the corporate website of Inchcape, mobile apps, as well as the brand/partner websites of Suzuki, Hino, Toyota and Lexus.

About Inchcape Singapore

INCHCAPE IS LEADING GLOBAL PREMIUM AUTOMOTIVE GROUP operate across every link of the post-factory automotive value chain for our OEM partners, providing a highly efficient, customer-focused route to market that delivers shared rewards at every stage. 170 years of successful international trade experience based on a spirit of innovation that still thrives within the organisation. At Inchcape Singapore, it operate a multi brand vertically-integrated business model, distributing and retailing world leading marques.


Merger of the highly profitable and richly-capitalized Inchcape Group of UK and Borneo Motors Limited would henceforth give way to two entities: Borneo Motors (Malaysia) Sendirian Berhad (BMM) & Borneo Motors (Singapore) Limited (BMS) That year, Borneo Motors made a significant annoucement about dropping the Austin dealership in favour of Toyota

Source: www.inchcape.com.sg

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