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November 15, 2019 03:30 PM

Bridging operational gaps with digital innovation for one of Japan's largest logistics companies.

We recently implemented a mobile app (for Android and iOS) that enables effective communication among procurement offices, suppliers and packing factories, for one of Asia's largest logistics companies. The app comes with a host of convenient features that will ease all internal processes, such as the ability to allow the procurement office to prioritize purchase items, group them into one lot, and then instruct the packing process. The app also has a chat conversation function, based on a certain group of items. It spotlights essential items, and the office can instruct suppliers/packing factories to take photos before &/or after packing, and upload them for risk control. The app can also print tags/labels for easy identification.

Anybody can download the app, and it manages intensive photo data uploads, and grouping of items for chat conversation. The app will prepare for further development of deep learning image recognition, enabling semi-automatic customs clearance processing. The technologies that went into developing this unique solution were: Microsoft .NET, HTML 5 & JQuery, Web APIs, Xamarin, Azure SQL, and Windows Azure.

Through innovative digital solutions such as this, we constantly strive to deliver to our clients, making their business processes easier and more efficient.

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