Covid19 impact on Digital Transformation Digital Transformation solutions
November 26, 2020 01:30 PM

How Digital Transformation has been impacted by Covid19

In a span of just a few months, the Covid-19 crisis has affected several necessary changes in the way that companies in all sectors worldwide do business - changes that would have otherwise taken years to come about.

Many digital solutions that were initially set up as temporary arrangements are now expected to be long-lasting, if not permanent. In the interest of staying relevant and competitive in this new economic climate, businesses scrambled to find new strategies and practices. With their human workforces being unavailable, companies turned to technology to fill the gap.

Over the past year, there has been a monumental shift of consumers towards online channels, and companies and businesses have responded accordingly. The pandemic has also exposed a prominent digital divide - companies that had already invested in digital operating models have fared much better over the past year than those which were late to the race. For several businesses, their very existence critically depends on how quickly and effectively they are able to bolster their digital capabilities.

Here are some fundamental steps that companies should be looking at taking to scale their business in the current economic climate:

  • Building digital platforms to leverage ecosystem players
  • Expanding cloud operations
  • Investing in tools for analytics and insights
  • Enhancing digital marketing capabilities

Given the current scenario, digital transformation is happening at a quicker and higher rate than anyone ever imagined. The pandemic has greatly accelerated the digital transformation efforts of businesses, as they try and keep up with the drastically altered requirements of their customers.

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