Singapore is back on track post-pandemic How Singapore handled Covid19
December 23, 2020 01:30 PM

Singapore’s tryst with Covid-19 - Leading the way into the post-pandemic future?

Singapore is a model nation in several contexts - it is a country that is always prepared, with well thought out plans for every situation or emergency. This seems to be holding true for its response to the Covid-19 pandemic as well. Right now, apart from mandatory digital check-ins at all public places, temperature scans, and certain other measures, life in Singapore is back on track.

Over the past few months, Singapore has invested a lot of time, money and effort into pioneering cutting-edge COVID-19 responsiveness measures. Keith Tan, CEO of the Singapore Tourism Board, says that the goal is to create - “disruptive and lasting impact on travel behavior. These responses are intended to help Singapore rebound as quickly as possible.” This goal is extremely important for a country that is heavily reliant on tourism, and is a global logistics and transport hub.

The highlight of Singapore’s efforts is undoubtedly the SG Clean campaign - an initiative that encourages companies and businesses to meet certain hygiene and safety standards by certifying the venues that are compliant. It applies to businesses of every scale, from large shopping malls to the hundreds of hawker markets all over the city-state. It includes a seven-point system of cleanliness mandates, like keeping spaces tidy and making sure that customers aren't sick before they step in. Once a business proves to be fully compliant, it gets to display a white-and-green SG Clean sticker to inspire confidence.

Most importantly, the implementation of this project does not feel invasive to individuals and businesses. Every day efforts are being made to make the procedures less obtrusive, like manually operated temperature guns being replaced by artificial intelligence scanners that only require an individual to step in front of them.

Additionally, through various stages of the pandemic, the Singapore government has altered their rules for people travelling in and out of the country, according to the situation. The rules are constantly updated based on several criteria. The citizenship of the traveller, where they’re coming from, what route they have taken in their journey, and many other real-time inputs are taken into consideration. These steps further enhance the ability of the authorities to monitor and curtail the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

This blend of a sense of collective responsibility, mutual goodwill, and the implementation of cutting-edge technology is making it possible for Singapore to pave the way towards being a model for other countries when it comes to handling the pandemic. Following Singapore’s lead, Portugal kicked off its Clean & Safe initiative in April, while Abu Dhabi launched its Go Safe certification scheme in June.

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