Job Title
Presales + Account Manager

Total years of Experience
8+ years

Specific Work Location
Asia PAC/ India

Key Responsibilities

  • Build a pipeline and customer accounts for short-term and mid-term opportunities.
  • Support network sales to convert leads and increase closure chances.
  • Promote recurring business models and develop business expansion strategies.
  • Drive technical discussions, solution presentations, and demonstrations with clients.
  • Understand customer needs, propose solutions, and strategize sales approaches.
  • Conduct discovery workshops and build relationships with end users and business partners.
  • Involve in technical and commercial proposals, identifying scope, risks, and pricing.

Essential Skills

  • Strong customer network and decision-maker C-level connections in key focus areas.
  • Experience in AIoT, asset management, and OT industries.
  • Excellent sales, presentation, and consultative skills.
  • Experience with SaaS models, pricing, and market benchmarks.
  • Proven stakeholder management in multinational teams.
  • Effective communication, negotiation, and multi-tasking abilities.

Personal Attributes

  • Customer-facing and business-minded with strong learning agility.
  • Good presentation skills and ability to adapt in a dynamic environment.
  • Innovative and creative thinking with effective communication skills.

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About Web Synergies

Web Synergies is a global IT company headquartered in 𝐒𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐚𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐞 with offices in India, Japan UAE, USA and Vietnam that provides innovative consulting services and solutions to companies. We help organizations stay ahead of change and achieve long-term success based on business transformation. Our teams design and implement winning strategies for clients by harnessing the power of new technologies and tailoring them to specific business transformation requirements.

What People Are Saying About Us


Neeraj Kumar Singh

Principal Consultant - SAP

Working at Web Synergies has been wonderful. Early opportunities accelerated my growth. The nurturing culture fosters open communication. Team leads and colleagues are supportive, helping articulate thoughts and ideas. Grateful for an environment where my contributions are valued and understood.

Life at Web Synergies

Home of talented engineers, designers, and thought leaders, our highly flexible work environment, coupled with a blend of traditional workstations, hybrid work options, and deep breakouts, provides the ideal stage to strategize and execute process work while nurturing creative ideas. Our offices across Singapore, India, Japan, UAE, USA and Vietnam offer you a platform to learn, build and grow.

Web Synergies experience - a collective, diverse work culture, a vibrant community, and a whole bunch of perks and benefits:

  1. Competitive salaries
  2. Commuter benefits
  3. Flexible work hours
  4. Generous leave policies
  5. Self-development activities



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Web Synergies, we embrace diversity, valuing unique perspectives and experiences. We strive to help individuals progress by celebrating and leveraging the richness that diverse perspectives bring to the forefront.


Building Sustainability

Building sustainability: economic, social, environmental value in short, mid, long term. Stakeholders crucial. Our concept: Environment, Economics, Social Justice. Human rights, gender equality vital for sustainable development.


Create a Positive Influence

Web Synergies thrives on positive influence, open communication, collaboration, and celebrating achievements. We prioritize a supportive work culture and employee well-being, leading by example and fostering a cohesive, motivated team.