ERP solution implementation for Travel sector

Building an Unique B2B & Corporate Travel Platform

Building an Unique B2B & Corporate Travel Platform

About the Client: TravelPrologue is a travel tech & services company focused on helping partners improve online content collaboration & distribution. Executed by a strong team assembled with unique & complementary mix of travel, IT, hospitality and finance background.

The Challenge: The TravelPrologue is a startup by a team of enthusiastic and capable individuals focused to build a next generation travel engine for the agencies and corporates with an innovating packaging techniques and features. But they are not technical and looking for a technology company who can help them realise their dream of building a world class travel platform.

The Solution: TravelPrologue made a right decision to select Web Synergies as their technology partner to build and support their product platform using Microsoft technologies such as .NET, MS SQL and cutting edge frontend technologies like Angular JS, Bootstrap and JQuery to achieve the better user experience and flexibility to the product by separating the UI/UX from business logic behind.

They also have used PHP and MySQL for agency packaging engine which is tightly integrated to the hotel, and flights modules.

The product is built by a strong team of UI&UX experts, developers, architects and testers assembled for TravelPrologue remotely in Hyderabad, India.

The platform runs on Microsoft Azure IaaS and PaaS instances for development, staging and production environments.

Technologies used: mvc sql bootstarp jquery windows server android ios webapi angular drupal mysql

THE TRAVEL AGENCY 2.0 : Beyond ground tours. Embracing FIT travel: A comprehensive travel platform offering FIT flights, accommodations, activities, packages and group tours PLUS innovative dynamic packaging tools. platform a complete and comprehensive solution for the agents and corporates.

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