Developed a Real Estate Portal for Far East Organisation

Real Estate Portal for Far East Organisation

Real Estate Portal for Far East Organisation

About the Client: Far East Organization is the largest private property developer in Singapore. It was founded by Singaporean billionaire Mr. Ng Teng Fong in 1960. Far East Organization has been contributing to the transformation of Singapore’s urban landscape.

The Issue: The client wanted to list properties online to connect potential buyers online. The online portal should be intuitive, easy to use and should contain all the information that a prospective property buyer looks for.

The Solution and its features: A WCM product – using Sitecore as a single technology WCM platform to build the portal. The portal built had the following key features.

  • Centralized content and marketing campaigns.
  • Optimized navigation.
  • More dynamic sites with fast response times.
  • Multi-language support.
  • One stop property showcases.
  • Advanced Search.

Technologies used: microsoft sqlserver sqlserver azure xamarin sitecore bootstarp jquery webapi

Outcome: With all the capabilities including fast response, multi-language support and easy navigation the portal provided an intuitive interface to prospective buyers and consequently increased property sales for the client.

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