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Business Intelligence & Analytics (Travel Industry/BI & Big Data Technologies)

Business Intelligence & Analytics (Travel Industry/BI & Big Data Technologies)

About the Client: Our client is Asia Pacific’s leading provider of travel solutions and services since 1988. Asia born and bred, they know Asia Pacific’s travel business nuances by the heartbeat. This invaluable attribute has helped them in widening the distribution of travel content from hundreds of travel suppliers including airlines, hotels, car rentals and insurance providers.

Client Challenge:

Due to missing important data attributes, existing BI for bookings and ticketing had many challenges in meeting desired levels of reporting and analytical features.

Business was unable to conduct performance analysis sufficiently. Reliance on IT Team was high, causing time and material and less efficient.

Since market share information is not captured in data model, business is handicapped in performance analysis for strategic decision making for operation efficiency.

The Solution and its implementation: The following Business Intelligence (BI) solutions has been implemented for customer.

  • The three major business domains covered in this solution are.
    1. Bookings BI Insight
    2. Market Share BI Insight
    3. Finance BI Insight
  • The data warehouse processes around 14 million of transactions.
    1. Around 7 million of transaction from raw data sources
    2. Another 7 million of transactions from processed sources
  • The Market Share data warehouse processes around another 7 million of transactions.
  • The data warehouse is designed to have 5+1 year of data, which is around 6 TB.
  • There are six multidimensional analytical cubes are designed.

The Solution and its implementation: A team of experts from UK and Singapore are part of the implementation.

  • Solutions delivered on Microsoft Azure Cloud (First Business Warehouse on Azure in APAC).
  • Microsoft MSBI Data Tools & Power BI used to deliver reports, Dashboards and Self-service BI Analytics.
  • WhereScape RED used for ETL and DWH development, control and management.
  • System process 20 million Transactions daily in 2.30hours.
  • 3 DWHs , 6 OLAP Cubes, 40 Analytical Reports & 20 Dashboards.

Technologies used: wherescape business intelligence sqlserver sql analysis report sql reporting services

The Result: The customer is able to overcome the issue with the data consolidation and the warehouse designed and implemented is able to provide the data models to efficiently produce the required analytical dashboards.

  • BI insights project is about data that addresses the pain points of the business.
  • It provides and integrated quality system with a consolidated single data warehouse.
  • The visualization module is built to generate analytical reports and dashboards that are consistent and reliable to make business decisions.

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