Church Management System  for EAG

Church Management System – EAG

Church Management System – EAG

About the Client: The story of Emmanuel began in 1958, in a rented single-storey terrace house at 25 Everitt Road. It was then a branch of Elim Church and was called Elim Chapel.

The name “Emmanuel Assembly of God” was adopted in 1969 when the church became a sovereign church affiliated to the Assemblies of God of Singapore. As the Lord added new souls to Emmanuel, the church soon outgrew its facilities and, from 1980, it became necessary to meet at rented halls for Sunday morning services.

Client Business Challenge: The entire information in the organization is spread across different locations and in different formats. Most of the processes are manual and has no system except an accounting package. The members profile is used to maintain manually in the excel sheet and was difficult to manage it as there is no centralized accessibility and control to maintain it. The cell group leaders maintaining multiple versions of the members information, and difficulty communicating with the groups.

Solution: We proposed iChurch product to be implemented by customizing few modules to fulfill specific customer needs. iChurch is comprehensive solution to cater the needs of Church operations like Members profile, capturing Newcomer records, tracking the salvation/baptism information, members family tree, membership details include voting right.

  • iChurch has robust features that includes Dashboard for Church Administrators to filter the members based in any criteria like the married couples, members belong to the same blood group, voting members for issuing the AGM invitations.
  • Identify the members based on the skills like Ushers, Photographers, Drama artist, etc.
  • Ability to trigger the emails for the filtered members and able to copy to excel sheet.
  • Tracking the newcomer records, bind them to care cell unit and manage reference tracking.
  • Manage ministry information, Services & Meetings and track the Attendance.
  • Managing Care Cell Units under the Networks, zones and tracking cell group meetings and attendance, sharing of resources among all cell groups.

Implementation: We have implemented iChurch management solution and built the corporate website with content management system. Both solutions sharing the data to publish the courses, seminars, Events on the webpage to allow registrations from public and as well as members. Location services has been used to identify the nearby cell groups.
Enable the scheduled job to trigger the reminders and notifications.
Scalable design for enhance additional features to cater the growing demand and needs in future.

Technologies used: microsoft sqlserver jquery2

The Result: A single platform where the consolidated data is available to generate reports required by different types of users and organization entities.

  • Effective communications from Church Office/ Pastors to members.
  • Registrations for Courses, Seminars, Events is very much simplified.
  • View Monthly Reports on the Service meetings.
  • Track Health of cell member/ cell group through the reports and attendance figures.
  • Convenient for user and maintenance officer in managing the logistics.
    - To track frequency of use by different Ministry
    - To track usage frequency of room per month
    - To track purpose of booking for future planning
  • Helps in knowing the present status of Library book like Available or Borrowed. Reserve the book is another advantage for the members.
  • Helps in tracking the Counselling sessions.
  • Auto reminders helps in recontracts.

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