Church Management System – FGA

Church Management System – FGA

Church Management System – FGA

About the Client:

Client Business Challenge: The entire information was captured in the form of excel. The members profile is used to maintain manually in the excel sheet and it was sharing to individual emails and lead to create many versions. Sometimes. And, there is no other activity like attendance is been recorded. It became difficult to notice the regular attendees.

Solution: We proposed iChurch product to be implemented by customizing the members module to match with the member registration form. iChurch is comprehensive solution, is capable of maintain the Members profile, capturing Newcomer records, tracking the salvation information, members family tree, membership details include voting right.

Implementation: We have implemented iChurch management solution to manage the members profile and track the service meetings and attendance. The other features in the iChurch can be enabled at any point of time in future.

Technologies used: microsoft sqlserver jquery2

The Result: A single platform where the consolidated data is available to verify any member profile and able to filter them in many criteria.

  • Effective communications from Church Office/ Pastors to members.
  • Manage Service meetings, Cell Group Meetings is very much simplified.
  • View Monthly Reports on the Service meetings.
  • Track Health of cell member/ cell group through the reports and attendance figures.

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