Digital commerce platform for Cisco

Cisco Launches Online Platform for Re-Sellers

Cisco Launches Online Platform for Re-Sellers

The Problem: Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT that develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment was facing a unique problem. The end users had a perception that Cisco products are expensive/unaffordable. The pricing and catalogue of products lacked transparency and they had to depend on resellers to support the purchase. The resellers failed to provide support because ultimately, they are more interested in sales than leads.

The Solution: A custom built online platform that leverages the CISCO brand, to be operated by Ingram Micro and fulfilled by participating reseller partners. The objective here was to get users to the online shop where they will get complete product information and can choose from a list of re-sellers.

Implementation Milestones:

  • Online marketing campaign started to drive awareness & traffic to the site and social media campaigns.
  • Tapped existing customer care support to ensure exceptional service to repeat customers.
  • Conducted workshop and SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
  • Product information was integrated with Web Collage.
  • Options made available for consumer to choose preferred reseller from the reseller list.
  • Payment gateway integration with Paypal for the selected reseller for faster transaction.
  • Backend reseller administration function to manage products including bulk uploading, promotions, web orders and fulfilment.
  • Statistical & Analytical reports to keep track.

Technologies used: microsoft


Outcomes: Portal provided real time information such as delivery charges, privacy policy, return policy, delivery date & time etc. thus enhancing user experience. Also, online presence helped to push new products and promotional offers on a regular basis. The portal ensured reseller support and also brought ease and transparency to the ordering process.

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