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Integrated Accounting and Finance Solution for B2B Travel Platform

Integrated Accounting and Finance Solution for B2B Travel Platform

About the client: TravelPrologue is a travel tech & services company focused on helping partners improve online content collaboration & distribution. Executed by a strong team assembled with unique & complementary mix of travel, IT, hospitality and finance background.

THE TRAVEL AGENCY 2.0 : Beyond ground tours. Embracing FIT travel : A comprehensive travel platform offering FIT flights, accomodations, activities, packages and group tours PLUS innovative dynamic packaging tools.

The Challenge: The platform has comprehensive travel packaging engine, however it lacks an integrated finance and accounting module which is very much needed for its B2B customers and agents.

The Solution: The iSuite a cloud enabled, comprehensive and configurable finance and accounting engine promoted by Web Synergies is considered for this requirement. Web Synergies is also considered as long term partner with a strategic agreement to package it along with the travel platform to its customers across the APAC.. The ERP system was seamlessly integrated to the travel platform with a necessary reporting features built in.

Technologies used: angular azure sql azure corenet

The Result: An integrated finance and accounting system with configurable reporting features enables the travel platform a complete and comprehensive solution for the agents and corporates.

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