Test Lab Management System for Jabil

iLab for Jabil

iLab for Jabil

About the Client: Jabil Inc. is a United States-based global manufacturing services company. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, it is one of the largest companies in the Tampa Bay area. Jabil has 90 facilities in 23 countries, and 175,000 employees worldwide.
Jabil Singapore offers comprehensive and strategic supply chain solutions, including manufacturing, system assembly and supply chain management, solving industry-specific challenges for global markets.

The Customer Challenge: Jabil was using tedious manual process to track end to end test flow process. The test flow of each request would have to go through a hierarchical structure which is unique from customer to customer. System shall allow customer to access only their request(s). Internal store managers wanted to generate the barcode for all the samples during the stock take.

Solution: We build iLab as a product to fulfill the requirements. Application used MVC platform with MS SQL Server as backend. Also incorporated smart application to generate the barcode with the combination of request, sample, customer, test flow with the equipment schedule. Approval workflow was built to process each request and its scheduling. Test report generated by the equipment is captured, stored and accessible to test engineers, lab managers and customers. System also designed to address calibration process. Comprehensive report builder is provided to generate ad-hoc reports.

Implementation: Project was implemented using Agile methodology and involved the client user champions from initial stage itself. We designed a 3-teir architecture along with a file server. Testing environment was setup with test as you go approach. Web Synergies also setup infrastructure environment including firewall and backup procedures.

Technologies used: mvc sqlserver windows serversqlserver


  • Visibility of customer request and its statuses.
  • Monitoring real-time progress of test flow process.
  • Automated equipment schedule and attaching test personnel to equipment.
  • Tracking holiday and equipment calendar with downtime.
  • Tracking of test personnel shift & absence calendar.
  • Optimized the equipment utilization due to the visibility of real-time progress.
  • Improved the productivity of test lab operations.

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