Test lab system for Global Foundries

iLab - GFS

iLab - GFS

About the Client: GLOBALFOUNDRIES, a leading full-service semiconductor design, development, fabrication and innovation company with locations across the globe. Global Foundries develop the products and technologies that are moving the world forward, making lives easier and creating new ways to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


The Customer Challenge: Global Foundries was using tedious manual process to track end to end test flow process. GFS also wanted customer to have visibility on their request and track progress of the request. Equipment utilization and resource planning was also major challenge.

Solution: Design and developed a user friendly online capacity booking process system for GFS. The objective is to develop a test lab system to submit request, plan, schedule and record test results. This would help improve the test engineering process, thus increasing the visibility.

We proposed existing iLab product as a base and customized to suit their requirements. Application used MVC platform with MS SQL Server as backend.

Implementation: Project was implemented using Agile methodology and involved the client user champions from initial stage itself. Testing environment was setup with test as you go approach. Web Synergies also setup infrastructure environment including firewall and backup procedures.

Technologies used: mvc sqlserver jquery windows server bootstarp


  • Visibility of booking capacity.
  • Tracking of real-time progress of test flow process.
  • Optimized the equipment utilization due to the visibility of real-time progress.
  • Improved the productivity of test lab operations.

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