Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Learning Management System

About the Client: The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) is a non-profit organisation that represents the interests of the commercial and investment banking community. As at 31 January 2018, their membership comprised 156 local and foreign banks/institutions and representative offices operating in Singapore.

The Challenge: There association is required to represent the common interests of the members to help promote their common products and services. It has no platform for online courses and certifications for investors. Requirement is to provide a platform to investors make informed investments decisions by putting online information on SIPs’ features, risk and suitability before deciding to invest in them.

Solution: iLearnAhead, an LMS solution with the following features was implemented.

  • Provide easy access to course and registration with OTP.
  • Online submission of assignments and assessment.
  • Online generation of certification and emailing to the users.
  • Tracking of certificate expiry and reminders.
  • Backend administrative function to manage & schedule courses.
  • Monitoring of learners’ progress and assessment results.

Implementation: Base feature from iLearnAhead were added along with customized layout, aligned to the functional requirements. A wireframe was built for quick design approval. Sample course content was taken to analyze the course structure and prototype. Setup development and testing environment and supported the production migration.

Technologies used: mvc sqlserver jquery html5 windows server

The Result: The ABS is able to offer the following for the members

  • Self-registration.
  • Rich user interface.
  • Better dashboard reporting for visibility.
  • Role based function access.
  • Capable of offering courses online.
  • Able to track the participation and awareness.
  • Help members to offer their courses through ABS.

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