Azure Cloud and Security for Largest global container shipping company

Azure Cloud and Security for Largest global container shipping company


Our client is a world leader in global container shipping and a company offering global service with local knowledge. Our client also provides an integrated network of road, rail, and sea transport resources that stretches across the globe.

Our client has a global network of more than 675 local offices in 155 countries with 150,000 employees, enable to facilitation of international trade between the world's major economies and among emerging markets across all continents.


  • Our client employed an ASP.NET application hosted on the Azure Cloud and managed remotely. The application utilizes an Azure SQL database for its operations.


We have created an Azure subscription under both the Southeast Asia (Singapore) and Switzerland regions. Additionally, we have implemented the following services for your application:

  • Azure Web App service.
  • Azure SQL database.
  • Azure Security controls and internal application controls have been enabled to secure the environment.
  • The website has been secured using SSL 2048 key length and TLS 1.2 cipher.
  • Azure backup and recovery services have been activated for both the application and database.
  • Logic Apps have been implemented to enhance application functionality.
  • We are utilizing the Azure DevOps repository for source code management.


  • Environment Access was restricted to the Web Synergies network, and security has increased.
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