Azure Cloud and Security for Restaurant

Azure Cloud and Security for Restaurant

Overview :

In September 2014, FOC Restaurant on Hong Kong Street introduced the vibrant essence of Barcelona to Singapore. The idea's genesis was a partnership between Michelin Star Chef Nandu Jubany and a team of Singapore-based Spain enthusiasts who aimed to bring Barcelona's rich and authentic flavors to the city.


  • The client employs an ASP.NET application and a database hosted on the Azure Cloud, which is managed remotely.


  • To ensure robust security, we recommend the following steps for setting up your Azure environment:
  • Create an Azure subscription in the Southeast Asia Region, specifically in Singapore.
  • Implement server-level hardening measures.
  • Restrict Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access to authorized personnel only.
  • Enable Azure Security controls and internal application controls to provide added protection for your environment.


  • Environment Access was restricted to the Web Synergies network, and security has increased.
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