Azure Cloud and Security for Singapore's Clinical Lab

Azure Cloud and Security for Singapore's Clinical Lab


Our client, Grab Scans, is a one-stop solution for all your radiological and scan needs, providing seamless connectivity between your clinic, radiology center, and patients. The platform simplifies the process by offering a user-friendly interface that allows your clinic to select the type of scan and timing that works best for you.

Instantly view the availability and schedule your appointment easily, ultimately reducing waiting times. You will also receive real-time updates to ensure your scan is on schedule. Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating between your clinic, radiology center, and patients, and hello to a more streamlined, efficient process with Grab Scans.


The client uses Web API, MVVM, and Angular4s application, and the database hosted at Azure Cloud through remote management, using Azure SQL database for this application.


Our client has taken the following measures to set up and secure their environment:

  • An Azure subscription was created under the Southeast Asia Region in Singapore.
  • Hardening was implemented at the server level to ensure optimal security.
  • Restricted RDP access was established to enhance security.
  • The client opted to use an Azure SQL database to manage their data.
  • The environment is safeguarded with both Azure Security controls and internal application controls.
  • Azure backup and Azure recovery services were activated to ensure the application and database can be backed up and restored when necessary.
  • All websites are secured with a 2048-bit SSL key length and TLS 1.2 cipher to maintain confidentiality and data integrity.


  • Environment Access was restricted to the Web Synergies network, and security has increased.
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